Sheffield TenTenTen / Endcliffe Park 10k report and results

Race date: Sunday, 8 October 2018

Race report by Sam Keen

The Endcliffe Park TenTenTen, dubbed the quintessential 10k running race, is now in its 8th year. Nearly 940 people taking part in 2018, a steady rise from the field of 694 back in 2010. A little bit of trivia for you, the first one of the series was run on 10th October 2010, hence the name.

The course itself is an exciting multi-terrain 10k and goes through both Endcliffe Park and Bingham Park on a 5k loop. It’s not your regular road race, it incorporates grass, road, paved paths and wooded trails with a fair few lumps and bumps added into the mix. We’ll not discuss that hill just yet.

On race day, there’s plenty of support from family and friends and they didn’t disappoint. A Steel City Striders family photo at 9.30 and then game faces commence. I set off with the aim of trying to get as close to 50 minutes as I could and knowing the course, I thought it would be a tough ask but you have to set yourself a challenge right?

I felt good after my first 5k loop and headed back into Endcliffe Park. With my time slightly off schedule, I knew I’d either have to pick the pace up significantly or kiss goodbye to my 50 minute aim. I got back onto Rustlings Rd and I just couldn’t take in a deep enough breath to steady myself down, I had to reduce my pace to a near enough walk as I knew I’d need to pull myself together to get back up that hill for a second time.

Luckily the photographers and the videographer had left the incline and I felt less pressure to get up there in one fell swoop. Once up, I kept pace with a group we had formed and kept a sea of Striders in front of me as we all picked up the pace back to the finish. Once we had got back into Endcliffe, my average pace had kept coming down and I thought I’d be there or thereabouts.

Thankfully, on the home straight, I noticed the clock was still showing 40-something minutes, I tunnelled all of my remaining energy and overtook 6/7 people in the finish tunnel. I thought I had done them all until one pipped me back on the line.

All in all, the support you get form the Striders family on your route round is unbelievable. At times you don’t think too much about it but it’s fantastic having somebody encouraging you around in times of difficulty.

In the end, I managed a Course Best of 49:13. A great way to end the day for me personally.

First male across the line was Stephen Schubeler (Heaton Harriers & AC) in a time of 36:30.

First female across the line was Emma Parkinson (unattached) in a time of 39:06.

First Strider across the line was Stuart Carrack in a time of 37:18 who must have caught a bus or something but managed a 3rd place finish!

First female strider across the line was Victoria Barradell in a time of 45:29.

Striders results:

P Athlete Name Cat Time
3 Stu Carrack MOVR 00:37:18
12 Sam Needham M30-39 00:39:09
15 Robert Bishop M30-39 00:39:22
25 Alex Shepherd M40-49 00:41:03
34 Adam Newell M20-29 00:42:31
45 Paul Scott M40-49 00:43:36
56 Sam Ainscough M30-39 00:44:39
62 Seth Kirby M20-29 00:44:56
73 Victoria Barradell F30-39 00:45:29
75 Chris Hodson M50-59 00:45:31
81 Kevin Firth M40-49 00:45:47
82 Nicola Galley F20-29 00:45:55
105 Ed Mcgee M30-39 00:47:35
108 Emily Chaplais F40-49 00:47:40
112 Nicola Rafferty F50-59 00:47:49
113 Sarah Allcard F40-49 00:47:50
117 Dominic Sleath M50-59 00:47:58
118 John Armitage M50-59 00:48:00
124 Kate Scott F50-59 00:48:08
128 Martyn Goldsack M20-29 00:48:15
135 Ashleigh Barron F30-39 00:48:37
136 David Firth M30-39 00:48:38
139 Peter Keats M40-49 00:48:44
140 Dot Kesterton F60+ 00:48:45
146 Maz Kaczmarczyk M40-49 00:48:55
150 Andrew Lock M40-49 00:49:04
156 Matt Broadhead M40-49 00:49:12
158 Sam Keen M20-29 00:49:13
184 Michael Weir M30-39 00:50:13
200 Shane Porteous M40-49 00:50:45
203 David Price M40-49 00:50:56
204 Richard Sands M40-49 00:50:56
211 Martin Lane M40-49 00:51:19
215 Andrew Glaves M50-59 00:51:32
227 Clive Downing M50-59 00:51:42
228 Stephen Millar M40-49 00:51:43
232 Rachael May F30-39 00:51:52
247 Andrew Woffindin M50-59 00:52:10
263 Phillip Rogers M30-39 00:52:27
293 Ian Richardson M50-59 00:53:20
294 Catherine McKeown F50-59 00:53:20
300 Jane Evans F50-59 00:53:39
305 Liam Russell M50-59 00:53:55
306 Sarah Bates F20-29 00:53:59
317 Tom Brooks M30-39 00:54:15
347 Paul Shelton M60+ 00:55:07
348 Richard Adams M30-39 00:55:09
379 Josephine Blewitt F40-49 00:55:58
405 Emma Kingston F40-49 00:56:36
407 Fran Marshall F50-59 00:56:41
413 Rachel Woollen F40-49 00:56:51
423 Ryan Talley M50-59 00:57:10
425 Victoria Muscroft F40-49 00:57:13
441 John Edmunds M50-59 00:57:46
471 Mo Ahmed M40-49 00:58:21
448 Michelle Vermeulen F30-39 00:57:50
495 Rebekah Krain FU20 00:59:03
504 Heidi Hargreaves F40-49 00:59:23
526 Caroline Brash F40-49 01:00:06
556 Rowan Woodhead F30-39 01:01:03
570 Corinne Howse F40-49 01:02:15
572 Caroline Aylott F40-49 01:02:19
573 Jessica Allen F20-29 01:02:21
586 David Adams M40-49 01:02:31
610 Dave Sahman M60+ 01:03:08
619 Andrew Sneddon M30-39 01:03:18
630 Andrew Buckley M30-39 01:03:42
636 Rachel Rea F30-39 01:03:54
637 Chris Rea M40-49 01:03:54
641 Jude Bissell F50-59 01:04:03
647 Megan Ohri F30-39 01:04:13
699 Stella Krain F40-49 01:05:52
799 James Hogg M30-39 01:09:41
806 Eleanor Bull F20-29 01:10:00
861 Gillian Pearson F60+ 01:13:36
896 Sarah Soden F40-49 01:17:01

Full results can be found here:

Sheffield 101010 2018 team photo

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