Sheffield Way Ultra results

Race Date: Sunday 23rd September 2018

One of the highlights of my racing calendar and usually the joker in my pack when it comes to the LDS (46.4 miles), as it’s only been Steve and I finishing it for the last 2 years. However, this year the joke was on me because both of my LDS rivals decided to join me in competing and completing the Sheffield Way ultra.

The biggest turnout yet for the Ultra saw 9 sleepy souls set off from Don Valley canal basin just after 6.30 am last Sunday morning. There was a mix of Sheffield Way experience. Steve, Ben and I have all done the Ultra at least twice before. Margo has been busy busy busy recceing all the legs over the last 2 months, others knew some of the legs, then there was Matt and Chris! Matt had not reccied any of it but had got my GPX file of last year’s route. That left Chris. Chris turned up without any idea of some of the legs and decided to stick with someone who knew the route – and didn’t it work out well for him?!. Chris and Nick stormed the whole circuit in a blistering 7.54.33, taking 40 minutes off the previous course record. Amazing run, well done guys. Talking to them afterwards, they said they made a good team, helping each other with navigation and motivation. It’s a great route for teamwork.

Massive congratulations to Margo Duncan who became the first woman to complete the Sheffield Way ultra, finishing in third place altogether, in a time of 8.55.14, therefore setting the course record and standard for any future female competitors.

Steve, Ben and I ran together again and I was happy to take 10 minutes off last year’s time and 17 minutes off my first attempt. Joe and Paul also ran together with Matt bringing up the rear.

Thanks again to all the marshals out on the course and all the relay team members who cheered us through the legs, it really helps lift the spirits when feeling tired.

Sheffield Way Ultra results:

P Name Cat Time
1 Chris Bannister M 7.54
1 Nick Booker M 7.54
3 Margo Duncan (Smiley) F 8.55
4 Nick Burns M 9.03
4 Steve Haake M 9.03
4 Ben Heller M 9.03
7 Joe Buckman M 9.35
7 Paul Smith M 9.35
9 Matt Gibson M 10.53


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