SYCAA Cross Country league – Race One – Clifton Park, Rotherham, result

Race Date: Sunday 14th October 2018

Last year I ran 50.4 miles round Rotherham on a beautiful Autumnal day for my birthday treat. This year I decided to do 10% of that and opted for the XC race, again in Rotherham, for a birthday treat. For my 50th next year, I think I’ll need to be more adventurous than Rotherham though.

In true XC style, the heavens had opened and we were all rewarded with true XC weather and conditions as the course got gradually more churned up and the different age ranges ran their individual races. Also in true XC style, we still don’t have gender equality so the ladies race was shorter than the men’s race, (5k compared to 8k) and they went off first.

I’m not 100% sure what happened with the ladies race but there was a bit of a cock up somewhere and I think some of the leaders were sent out on an extra lap when they should have been finishing. Whatever happened, the ladies results will not stand for the league championship. However, the results state that Lauren Stoddart of HH was the winner in 17.38.

Striders Results

P Name Cat Time
7 Fran Roberts F Sen 18.49
11 Fran Cummins F Sen 19.14
14 Nicola Galley F Sen 19.23
34 Claire Grisdale FV35 20.37
49 Nicola Rafferty FV55 21.18
56 Kate Scott FV45 21.43
59 Jacqui Herring FV45 21.45
64 Dot Kesterton FV65 22.06
70 Nicola Ross FV35 22.22
74 Caroline Greenough FV45 22.41
88 Catherine McKeown FV45 23.31
109 Naomi Rabin F Sen 25.29
115 Louise Cousins FV45 27.00

The men’s 8k race was won by Jonathan Shields of City of Sheffield AC in 24.30.

Striders Results:

P Name Cat Time
25 Sam Brown M Sen 28.07
29 Thomas King M Sen 28.29
35 Hal Roberts M Sen 28.46
47 Alasdair Menmuir M Sen 29.27
56 Chris Guy MV40 29.55
57 Chris Matthews M Sen 29.58
77 Kev Sibley MV40 30.55
96 Nick Burns MV40 32.10
100 Ian Stinson MV40 32.26
101 James Grinham MV40 32.27
105 James Boardwell MV40 32.43
107 Terence Byrne MV50 32.45
109 Simeon Cotterell M Sen 32.52
110 John Kilcoyne M Sen 32.54
120 Mark Platton MV50 33.35
124 Martin Greenough MV40 33.52
139 Dave Ansell MV50 34.37
140 James Smith M Sen 34.39
150 Neal Pates MV50 35.39
157 Adam Close M Sen 36.08
170 Peter Brown MV50 37.21
177 David Birch MV60 38.47
178 Tony Bell MV50 38.49
179 Bob Grocutt MV50 38.54
184 Dave Beech MV60 39.19

Full Results: here

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