SYCAA Road Race 2 – Worsbrough result and report by Adam McAuley

Race Date: Wednesday 25th April 2018

There is something a little bit magical about the Spring Wednesday night 5-milers. They’re always very sociable; a chance to catch up with fellow club member as well as friends from other clubs. But on the other hand, they’re often highly competitive and not just at the sharp end; even those of us back in the pack have a good sense of who we may have a chance of competing with, and by the end of the series, you’ll usually know pretty well where you are in relation to fellow club runners.

This was supposed to be the third in the series of four races that make up the South Yorkshire County Athletics Association 5 Mile Road Race series, however it has now become the second of three fixtures after the abandonment of the Lodge Moor fixture at the start of April in thick fog. The weather on Wednesday night was considerably kinder. After a day of capricious and at times, torrential showers, it stayed dry for the duration of the race.

The Worsbrough course offers great variety; the first mile or so is broadly level, then followed by two decent climbs, the second of which, immediately after the M1 underpass, up towards Birdwell, is definitely the crux of the course. From there a short level section through Birdwell leads to a long and very runnable descent down Sheffield Road back towards Worsbrough Mill.

It was great to see so many Striders taking part on the night and no doubt there will be plenty there for the final event at Penistone on the 9th May. And if that doesn’t sate your need for Wednesday night racing, there’s always the PB friendly Askern 10k the following week, though you will have to pay for that one!

Some of you may have already seen the fabulous photos that Steve Frith took of runners as they passed under the M1. The full set can be found at;

Steve consistently supports local running events and takes stunning photos. If you choose to use one of his shots for your Strava stream or Facebook page, please do consider donating to his current cause, the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team (details via his website).

The race was won by Steve Franklin  of Totley AC in a time of 26.22. The first Strider home was once again Stuart Carrack, aided by his new short shorts, who finished in 10th place in a time of 28.45. The women’s race was won by Alice Moore of Barnsley AC in a time of 31.05. The first Strider home in the women’s race was Charlie Narozanska in a time of 33.53. A total of 58 Striders took part on the night. Well done to all.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Surname Cat Time
10 Stuart Carrack MS 28:45
26 Tom Meager MS 30:15
40 Nick Booker MV50 31:29
42 Simon Bennett MV45 31:31
53 Adam Brown MS 32:19
62 James Smith MS 32:54
68 Vincent Baker MS 33:30
69 Al Cook MV45 33:30
76 Charlie Narozanska FV40 33:53
77 Nick O’Sullivan MV45 33:58
82 Martin Greenough MV45 34:14
85 Ashleigh Barron FS 34:18
87 Michael Richardson MV40 34:23
88 Nicola Birch FS 34:25
91 David Wilson MV55 34:35
92 Sergei Shkul MV40 34:37
94 Michael Richardson MV40 34:46
106 Nick Burns MV45 35:17
107 Keith Bell MV40 35:22
110 Adam McAuley MV45 35:27
115 Leisha Shiner FS 35:47
120 Paul Stuart MV50 36:05
121 John Walker MV55 36:06
127 Jude Stone MS 36:19
129 David Forrest MS 36:24
132 Colin Hardy MV40 36:29
136 James Grinham MV40 36:41
142 Stuart Jones MV55 37:06
145 Tish Broomhead FS 37:16
149 Chris Hodson MV50 37:23
151 Clive Downing MV55 37:30
152 Letitia Hancock FS 37:32
158 Rosa Sampson Geroski FS 37:55
160 Andrew Lock MV40 37:59
161 Tom Brooks MS 38:07
162 Philip Dooley MV40 38:10
166 John Bridgman MV40 38:24
168 Guy Woodcock MS 38:27
170 Matt Gibson MV40 38:29
172 Tom Nuttgens MV50 38:31
187 Sarah Bates FS 39:04
190 John Edmunds MV50 39:10
199 Loz Harvey MV40 39:36
209 Gillian Burgon FS 40:08
228 Daniel Murphy MS 41;06
237 Laura Fletcher FV35 41:25
247 Mir Jansen FV50 41:52
251 Roxanne Green FS 42:04
277 Naomi Rabin FS 43:50
282 Jordan Moat MS 43:57
284 Terry Armstrong MV70 44:03
288 David Bownes MV60 44:08
291 Helen Eberlin FV70 44:21
315 Arif Ali MS 46:18
322 Louise Cousins FV45 47:08
330 Maggie Vickers FS 48:21
357 Gillian Pearson FV60 53:58

Full results: Copy of Provisional Results Worsbrough


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