SYCAA Road Race League – Race 3 Penistone – Results, Final Standings and Report by Adam McAuley

Race Date: Wednesday 9th May 2018

All good things must come to an end, as both Geoffrey Chaucer and Nelly Furtado tell us, though I suspect neither of them had the SYCAA 5 mile series in mind. Their loss.

This year’s truncated series reached its grand finale at Penistone, more specifically the Memorial Ground, home to Penistone Church FC (they play in the Northern Counties East League Premier Division – someone asked me on the way there). The field assembled in pretty much perfect running conditions; cool with only a slight breeze, rain seemed possible but never materialised.

There was still plenty to play for going into the final race too. The All Ladies team was placed first after two events, but had the narrowest of leads over Totley AC. The Vet Mens team also had to defend their third place position with Doncaster AC looking to steal their podium position.

The Penistone course is, for my money, the best of the series. With around 130m of climbing it’s not as quick as Brodsworth, but like Worsbrough, the majority of the climbing is over by half way and the return half of the course is potentially quick; a brief dig into Strava showed plenty of folk setting new records for their quickest 2 miles on Wednesday night. It’s also a picturesque route and one where you get a real sense of the field ahead and behind you as the race unfolds.

It was also great for Striders to get so much encouragement from fellow club members on the night, thanks to their willingness to volunteer at short notice; Richard Pegg’s so-called Marshal Plan (one for the Cold War History fans there).

There were lots of good performances once again; in the female competitions Nicola Birch, Tish Broomhead, Leisha Shiner and Letitia Hancock all placed in the FS top ten, Charlie Narozanska came 4th in a highly competitive FV40 field – she was also the first female Strider home in a time of 33.09, Mir Jansen was second FV50 and Helen Eberlin was also second in the FV65 group. Amongst the men, Phil Skelton was the first Strider home in a time of 29.14, placing 7th overall, Simon Bennett came third in the MV45 category and David Wilson placed 3rd at MV55.  In the team competitions, a strong Totley team pushed Striders into second place in the All Ladies competition, ahead of ten other local clubs, whilst the All Vet Men held on to their third place for the season.

And so another cracking set of races comes to a close. Thanks should be made to the team that organised this year’s events; Richard Pegg, Nick Burns, Chris Bannister

The winner of the men’s race was Brendan Moody of Barnsley AC in a time of 27.06. The women’s race was won by Alice Moore, also of Barnsley AC, in a time of 31.34.

Striders Results:

P Name Surname Cat Time
7 Phil Skelton MS 29:14
17 Tom Meager MS 30:01
37 Simon Bennett MV45 31:25
50 Adam Brown MS 32:20
54 Colin Hardy MV40 32:42
58 Al Cook MV45 32:57
61 Charlie Narozanska FV40 33:09
63 David Forrest MS 33:22
68 Nick Booker MV50 33:36
72 Vincent Baker MS 33:47
73 James Smith MS 33:48
80 Martin Greenough MV45 34:13
81 Michael Richardson MV40 34:16
82 Michael O’Donnell MS 34:20
86 David Wilson MV55 34:30
93 Adam McAuley MV45 34:59
95 Sergei Shkul MV40 35:04
98 Nick Burns MV45 35:15
102 Nicola Birch FS 35:26
103 Paul Stuart MV50 35:29
107 Tish Broomhead FS 35:40
113 Leisha Shiner FS 36:10
119 adam Newell MS 36:35
122 Letitia Hancock FS 36:46
125 Clive Downing MV55 37:09
127 Jude Stone MS 37:09
129 Stuart Jones MV55 37:23
132 Tom Brooks MS 37:29
137 Andrew Lock MV40 37:57
138 John Bridgman MV40 38:00
148 Guy Woodcock MS 38:34
151 Matt Gibson MV40 38:38
152 Paul Stuart MV50 38:39
158 Philip Dooley MV40 38:57
166 Loz Harvey MV40 39:17
169 Tom Nuttgens MV50 39:20
178 Gillian Burgon FS 39:52
198 Laura Fletcher FV35 41:00
205 Mir Jansen FV50 41:36
206 John Edmunds MV50 41:40
217 James Grinham MV40 42:12
226 Simon Gleadhall MV50 42:49
231 Arif Ali MS 42:58
233 Sophie Reale FS 43:07
242 Lucy Woodward FV35 44:00
245 Naomi Rabin FS 44:29
250 Helen Eberlin FV65 44:39
260 Jordan Moat MS 45:20
263 Terry Armstrong MV70 45:27
265 David Bownes MV60 45:39
281 Louise Cousins FV45 47:18
289 Philippa Moorhead FV50 49:28
318 Gillian Pearson FV60 56:27

Full results: penres

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