The Neurocare Head Start 10k 2018 – race report and results


Report by Liam Turner

A chance to run Sheffield’s flattest 10k was one way the event was described. As I had not run a flat 10k before I thought it was an opportune moment to head out and try for a decent PB. That coupled with the fact it was for a charity close to my family’s hearts made it all the more appealing.

There were a few things I wasn’t quite as prepared for and no doubt some of the Striders weren’t either, from chatting to them after the race. That was the high temperatures at 9:30 am and the difficulty of the terrain in its own right. The difficulty of the terrain I hear some of you say…..Though scenic and peaceful to walk around, running without a large hill or descent to focus on at a certain point in the distance proved troublesome, in order to keep focused. There was the odd mound or mini hill, but it felt a long monotone slog in all honesty. The crowd support was great though,  lots of people clapping you round and shouting you on which was a definite lift.

From a personal point of view, I was fortunate Andy Norton was running, as we often train together and were within seconds of each other the whole race (running together for a large proportion) which propelled us both onwards. My previous PB was 37:27 (Percy Pud in December) and so with that being a little hilly, I wanted to get as near to 36 mins as possible. The race began and due to the terrain, I hoped I could keep grinding out roughly 3:36min/km. The first 5km went roughly to plan. The second 5km was a little slower, resulting in a 10km race average pace of 3:41/km and a 4th place finish.

Reflecting afterwards, I was pleased with my PB of 36:51 in the heat and it was good consistent running (36 secs off my previous). Like all of us who are competitive, I want to lower the PB further and will certainly go after it again another day.

A special mention has to go to Kristoff Boynton who brought it home for the Striders (1st Male). A hell of a run in those conditions Kristoff, well done and nice to meet you at the finish.

Also a big shout out to Mandy Taylor, the first of our Female Striders home, great running too.

The 1st Male, as mentioned above was Kristoff Boynton (Steel City Striders) in 34:24 holding off the 2nd place runner by 17 secs.

The 1st female was Natasha Dawson (South Yorkshire Police AC) in 40:55

Striders results:

P Name Cat Time
1 Kristoff Boynton SNR 34:24
4 Liam Turner SNR 36:51
5 Andy Norton SNR 36:58
42 Mark Platton 45:14
42 Rob Davies V50 45:16
48 Christian Hopkins SNR 46:08
56 Mandy Taylor V50 47:01
114 Arif Ali SNR 53:29
147 Peter Brash V50 55:25
148 Emma Brear SNR 55:54
154 Helen Eberlin V70+ 56:16
158 Caroline Brash V40 56:06
177 Anna Lowe SNR 57:34
182 Heidi Hargreaves V40 58:35
189 Josephine Blewitt V40 58:27
224 Adrian Good SNR 01:01:55
328 Matthew Mella SNR 01:09:13
385 Elaine Shortridge V40 01:16:03

Full results can be found on the Sports Timing Solutions website.

Neurocare 10k 2018 finishing line

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