Trunce 1

Race Date: 26th March

The clocks have sprung forward so it can only mean one thing – the Trunce is back in action.

459 runners (including the juniors) took part in the first Trunce of 2018 on a pleasant spring evening. The start is back down at the bottom of the field so PBs will be hard to come by for those who have run the shorter version. Some particularly treacherous mud on the first descent led to many a wobble.

Scott Hinchliffe of PFRAC was first man home in 24:46 whilst Annabel Mason of Wakefield Harriers was fastest lady in 29:34.

Well done to all 29 striders who took part. Looks like it was a close battle to be first strider. Congratulations to David, Stuart, Victoria, Rachel and Emma on their PBs with Victoria also winning her age category,

Testament to the lure of the trunce was the first sighting for some time of the Goldstar in his vintage racing vest. He only required the assistance of paracetamol to get him round and will apparently be wheeled out for every trunce in perpetuity.

Pos Name Cat Time
27 Vincent Baker Male 00:30:36
29 Michael Slater Vet Male 50 00:30:38
42 Al Cook Vet Male 00:31:22
48 Charlie Narozanska Vet Female 00:31:47
51 Andy Buck Vet Male 50 00:32:12
58 Paul Stuart Vet Male 00:32:27
62 Keith Bell Vet Male 00:32:54
80 Andrew Davies Vet Male 50 00:34:12
85 Eric Latham Vet Male 00:34:29
88 Michael Squires Vet Male 00:34:36
98 David Beel Male 00:35:10 PB
101 Sam Ainscough Male 00:35:19
133 Stuart Jones Vet Male 50 00:37:18 PB
134 Ben Jones Male 00:37:19
153 Andy Green Vet Male 50 00:38:32
158 Rosa Sampson Gerosig Female 00:38:59
189 Victoria Hawkins Vet Female 50 00:41:23 PB
201 Ian Spencer Vet Male 50 00:42:24
223 Richard Sands Vet Male 00:43:49
235 Mir Jansen Vet Female 50 00:44:37
266 Rachel Woollen Vet Female 00:47:43 PB
275 Andy Glaves Vet Male 50 00:48:07
286 Simon Gleadhall Vet Male 50 00:49:23
288 Martin Greenough Vet Male 00:49:30
299 Peter Brash Vet Male 50 00:49:57
314 Rachel Smith Vet Female 00:52:55
342 Emma Dickinson Vet Female 00:56:07 PB
393 Sarah Soden Vet Female 01:08:52
395 Millie Pollard Vet Female 50 01:10:28


Full results:

Fastest F50, Victoria Hawkins, crossing in style. Photo courtesy of Steve Frith who is now raising funds for WMRT:

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