Trust 10 (Longshaw) race result and report by Caroline Brash

Race Date: Sunday 22nd April 2018

For those not already in the know, the Trust 10k is a series of trail runs on National Trust properties across England and Wales. There are currently 14 venues where these events take place, usually on the fourth Sunday of every month. The Longshaw Trust 10k provides a superb opportunity for runners of all abilities to enjoy the beautiful scenery, undulations and occasional mud/fog/herd of cows of the Peak District, right on the Steel City’s doorstep.

Sunday 22nd April 2018 was notable for the fact that the hottest ever London Marathon was taking place that day. Fortunately for those of us a little further north this meant that the weather provided near-perfect running conditions for the 198 participants in the Longshaw Trust 10k, being dry and sunny, but not overwhelmingly hot, with a light breeze. The two-lap, pink-flagged course provides an elevation gain of around 680ft according to Strava, thanks to (and at this point you might start to deduce that your report writer is NOT a seasoned trail or fell runner) a big grassy hill with lots of rabbit holes and a stile at the top, and another smaller, wooded hill with a knobbly path. Twice.

There were a number of challenges for those of us who opted to set off at a more (ahem) relaxed pace, notably a gate (standard) shortly after the race set off, and another gate (kissing) a little further round the course. However, the associated bottle-necks were very good-natured and polite and at no point were National Trust security required to intervene. The course was extremely clearly-marked and well-marshalled (including the chap who reassured me I wasn’t doing THAT badly after I’d heaved my aching limbs up the big hill for a second time), and the event overall was clearly a very professional set-up from start to finish.

For those who haven’t taken part in it before, registration takes place at the café from 8:15 on the day of the event, and even if you have taken part before and already have your race number, it is important that you register every time you run. The past couple of months have seen a change in the way the results are shared, and now simply include the following data: Place; Number; Time. This is great for data protection, but not so great for the compilation of race reports!

Therefore it is with some trepidation that I share the club’s preliminary results, based as they are on Facebook updates; photos of people wearing gold and green; and studying historical results and reports. Thanks to all those people who helped me out by providing information.

The race was won by runner 3045 in time of 0:42’19.98. At least 17 Steel City Striders took part.  There are clearly some blanks so do please advise if I have missed you/ got your details wrong:

Striders Results:

Race No Pos Name Cat Time
3000 12 Vin Baker Male 0.49’26.17
475 19 Rob Davies Male 0:50’37.50
2631 27 Sam Ainscough Male 0:52’31.97
A615 30 Phil Howson Male 0:53’58.93
A529 37 Clive Downing Male 0:54’46.36
348 43 Kate Scott Female 0:56’00.75
3046 44 Everything’s Gone Green Male 0:56’02.80
2989 53 Chris Rea Male 0:57’45.35
A892 54 Fran Allen Female 0:57’49.97
968 55 Adrian Moss Male 0:58’11.32
3069 59 Paul Stuart Male 0:58’36.06
A212 77 Mark Platton Male 1:00’11.16
3067 94 Bob Grocutt Male 1:03’13.16
2798 100 Caroline Welton Female 1:03’36.42
2998 116 Sophie Hornsby Female 1:06’04.57
2778 126 Sarah McGregor Uttley Female 1:07’07.47
A489 147 Caroline Brash Female 1:10’50.63
1029 151 Nicole Nield Female 1:11’54.25
25 182 Graham Nield Male 1:19’20.72

Full Results:,and for more details/ dates for the Longshaw Trust 10k see here:


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