Trust 10 Longshaw result

Race Date: Sunday 23rd December 2018

Weather wise, this was a vile day. The marshal at the top of the first hill said that he was at first concerned they might have to cancel due to lack of numbers caused by the weather but he soon realised we were all mad because there was more of us than ever! I think the marshals are madder than us as they have to stand there for over an hour not doing much and getting cold and wet. So, from all of us, a massive thank you to the marshals and organisers of the Trust 10 today, and for all year. We’ve had a great few runs up round Longshaw – long may it continue – and without the kindness and generosity of the marshals giving up their time, it wouldn’t happen.

There were 265 runners for this event, the last of the year. It was won by runner 4094 in 39.03. First Strider that we know of was Stu Carrack in 43.54. First woman Strider and maybe first overall was Caroline Brock in 45.59. Well done to all Striders taking part.

Finally, perhaps Facebook question of the year has to be:

Longshaw fans….. I will be ok in racing flats…………. won’t I..

The results below answers that question!

Striders results:

Pos Name Cat Time
6 Stuart Carrack M 43.54
10 Adrian Fisher M 45.48
11 Caroline Brock F 45.59
13 Simon Bennett M 47.31
26 Hal Roberts M 49.33
31 Mark Platton M 50.23
50 Liam Turner M 53.56
51 Gareth Pert M 53.56
53 Dominic Sleath M 54.16
54 Neal Pates M 54.18
60 Nick Burns M 55.06
67 Stuart Jones M 55.43
83 Richard Smith M 56.51
113 Martin Lane M 59.43
123 James Mason M 1.00.11
130 John Rawlinson M 1.01.02
131 Sam Keen M 1.01.03
135 Kate Scott F 1.01.39
137 Mir Jansen F 1.01.42
143 Emma Beal F 1.02.25
151 Cara Hanson F 1.03.41
164 Richard Cook M 1.04.56
187 John Liddle M 1.09.38
193 Neil Schofield M 1.10.41
221 Laura Greaves F 1.15.04
DNF Tom Halloway M Faller

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