Wirral Way Trail Half Marathon (summer) 2018 Result

Race date:  Sunday 17th June 2018

This race has some unusual features starting with … well, the start!  You get the bus from the finish to a railway station in the Wirral wilds and then take a short walk to the start.  … Which is a conventional black timing strip across a rather narrow path, complete with brambles and when I got there, numerous stretching runners.

You can start anytime between 09:00 and 09:45 as your finish time is chip time only.  Many of the runners liked this as did I; none of the usual shuffling around looking for a space.

The run itself was great – stunning scenery, well kept (old railway track) path, much wildlife, friendly locals and cool weather.  Good pain avoidance opportunities on the narrower bits of track – who was going to risk the nettles?  The runner or the cyclist?

There were not many runners in this particular race which was a surprising change; it was good to be able to talk to a fair few on the run together with their supporters.  One particular lady was running just behind me for a long way and her supporters kept turning up to cheer her on.  They noticed me and spread the encouragement (along with, somewhat improbably, love) my way as well.  Great.

The two large dogs and their elderly gentleman companion were a highlight as well; had to stop to negotiate passage.  They were BIG dogs.

A slight downside to the race was a 180o turn in the last couple of miles which involved a calf destroying but very short climb.

… Then back to the finish (you run past it and then go back – really odd feeling) to the cheering multitude, a personalised welcome and some really nice cakes.  There was even a shower available.  Amazing.

The race route is here – if you fancy a look.

Just 180 runners took part with William Barr of UTS Run Club beating everyone else by 8 minutes in 01:17:22.  Jen Adams (Buckley RC) was the first woman home in 01:35:11.

The full results are here.  The short table of Strider results (if any other Striders ran, please say so and you’ll be added):

P Name Cat Time
92 David Bownes V60 02:03:11

It was warmer the other day…

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