2 Turtle Doves Results 2018

Race Date: Wednesday 26th December 2018

This is the second year this race has been run and seems like the perfect antidote to a day of leftover yule log and turkey.

Like all races from the pavilion it starts with the customary lap of the cricket pitch, out onto the tarmac for a quick kilometre to the end of Strawberry Lee Lane. On entering Blacka Moor woods the wide track soon steepens for the first punchy climb. Thankfully it’s short-lived and a steep descent down to the stepping stones follows. Do you wade through or skip over, you might not have a choice if it’s been wet!
The long climb of the Devil’s Elbow comes next, it’s never too steep but shouldn’t be under estimated, the ground is uneven the tree roots will do their best halt your progress. The path eases as you reach the top car park of Blacka Moor. A sharp left down the uneven bridleway leads you into the grazed sheep fields, a very quick downhill drops you at the bottom of the last climb. It’s a lot shorter than Devil’s but if the wind it blowing it can be just as head. Over the stone style and on to the home straight, all that’s left is the steep descent and tricky styles of the Horses’ Field. Just to finish you off the steep tarmac of Moss Lane will sap your quads before the last ditch sprint around the cricket pitch.

First man across the line was Max Wainwright of Dark Peak in 32:49.6; first lady was Kate MAFARLANE of Penny Lane Striders in 43:16.4

16 Striders ran the race, well done all!

Place Name Category Time
14 Louis WOOD M40 37:36.2
32 Alex SHEPHERD M40 42:49.9
35 Matt WILLIAMS M40 43:25.8
37 Sergei SHKUL M40 43:43.0
38 Craig BAIRD M40 43:43.8
44 Mark PLATTON M50 44:19.4
72 Nicola RAFFERTY W50 49:29.5
73 Tom NUTTGENS M50 49:30.9
86 John ARMITAGE M40 50:42.4
93 Mike WU MSen 51:27.8
101 Philippa HOWSON W50 52:11.3
118 Kate SCOTT W50 54:31.4
133 Bob GROCUTT M50 57:09.1
142 Dawn BIRAM W60 59:18.4
153 Sallyann WINSLOW W40 1:09:53.8
154 David ADAMS M40 1:09:54.5


Full results at: http://www.totleyac.org.uk/ttdoves/

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