Bamford Carnival Fell Race (7.2km) Results 2019

Race Date:  17th July 2019

The course is 7.2 km (4½ miles) long with 320m (just over 1000’) of climb. 202 runners took part in the Bamford Carnival Fell Race this year, a popular and long established summer evening race. Runners begin with a dash across Bamford Recreation Ground, climb up to the hamlet of Thornhill and steeply up to Parkin Clough, before finally reaching the summit of Win Hill. The descent back to Bamford is challenging and twisty, through gorse bushes and narrow paths.

Phillipa  Williams of Sheffield RC was first lady back, impressively coming 6th overall and taking the course record in 31.30. Will Boothman of Dark Peak was the leading male in 29.58.

There was a good smattering of Striders, despite there being a championship race the following day. Well done all!

Pos Time Name Cat
15 00:33:59 Caroline Brock WSEN
32 00:36:10 John Lea-Wilson MSEN
37 00:36:53 Paul Stuart M50
41 00:37:05 Al  Cook M40
44 00:37:25 Joe Buckman MSEN
52 00:38:35 Andy  Buck M60
58 00:38:48 Amy Earnshaw WSEN
62 00:39:07 Heather  Hatton WSEN
81 00:40:39 Nick Burns M40
85 00:41:12 Paul Blockley MSEN
88 00:41:29 Steve Haake M50
89 00:41:32 David Maloney M50
97 00:42:11 Ian Stinson M40
98 00:42:13 Simon Wiles M50
104 00:42:39 David Perkins M40
138 00:46:18 Sarah Ward W40
139 00:46:28 Andy  Davies M50
149 00:47:48 Nick Hails M40
156 00:48:28 Matt Gibson M40
192 00:56:24 Carol  Beattie W60

Full results here

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