Baslow Boot Bash 2019

Baslow Boot Bash  26.5 miles (ish)    Saturday 15th June

Ever since reading John Rawlinson’s report of this event from last year, it had been one on my list for this year.   Any event costing 50p a mile with free pie and peas at the end sounds a winner and it was a great introduction to doing some of the longer events.

It has been three weeks since the race and the official results have still not been posted – just showing the laid back nature of the event!

Classed as a challenge rather than a race, it is a beautiful circular route through the White Peak passing Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, Over Haddon, Sheldon, Monsal Trail, Cressbrook, Foolow, Eyam, Froggatt, Calver and then back to Baslow.  The route is roughly 26.5 miles, but with no set route between the checkpoints, some people end up doing nearer 28.  You can walk or run the route.

I was lucky enough to run the first half with a runner from Buxton  who had run it many times before, so knew the route well and a few shortcuts along the way.  The map had to come out in the 2nd half, when my companion started to struggle, but  it is a pretty easy route to follow.  Mainly fields with lots of stiles!

I would thoroughly recommend the LDWA events.  As they are not classed as races, there is no pressure at all, as the cut off time is targeted for the walkers.  The volunteers are all lovely and the pie, peas and fruit salad at the end are very welcome.

3 striders ran this year.  Myself, Mir Jansen and John Rawlinson (who was coming back from a broken shoulder!)

As the results have not been posted, have had to do some strava stalking to find the times.  The fastest time of the day (out of 143)  was a Buxton Runner (not been able to find his name) who finished in 3.57.  I was the fastest lady in 4.33

Position Name Time
4 Fran Cummins 4:33
31 Mir Jansen 6:10
32 John Rawlinson 6:11

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