Bedford 10K Results & Report

Race Date: 2nd June 2019

Bedford 10K has fast become one of the races that’s a put in pen on the calendar each year for me. However, aside from it being the home town, I’m not really sure why. Flat and bland, I’ve yet to have a good race here. Given that last year involved getting a then PB that didn’t count, thanks to the race not actually being EA registered, as well as being chased by a swan, I was banking on that things could only get better. How wrong I was…

I take some blame myself as I wasn’t feeling too great pre-race and was debating sitting this one out. Stubbornness of having already paid won out, after all it’s only 10K and flat, you can get through it I thought to myself. Doubts were further heightened when, on an overcast humid day, the mercury had already crept north of 20 as we lined up to start.

I don’t normally break my reports down into segments for a race but I feel it’s somewhat fitting this time around:

1K – As usual, ignore being sensible and go out at the pace I’d like to run, not the pace I can run. However, feeling pretty good all things considered. Maybe this will be one of those turn up and wing a PB days….

2K – Continuation of the usual race strategy as I ease back to a more realistic pace. Feeling ok still, but the pace vs effort is already starting to not add up.

3K – Very much struggling to maintain 10K pace now, at 3K the race goes past the start line again. Thoughts of bailing out and admitting defeat cross my mind but I can’t let the vest down…

4K – Revised plan of trying to stick to Half Marathon pace and calling it a tempo run.

5 to 7K – Half Marathon pace has gone out the window, now it’s just about survival. The stomach has started a small coup and it’s a balancing act between trying to finish as fast as I can to get it over with and being sick.

8K – The battle is lost as I stop to projectile vomit at the feet of a spectating child who looks horrified.

9K – The 2nd stop for vomit. However, my technique has obviously improved as less time is lost and I manage to claw some pace back.

10K – Strangely feeling much better, and enthused by the idea of this horror show being over I managed to pick it back up a little for the last stretch, crossing the line with a somewhat manic grin.

Somehow this race has fast become my nemesis, but no doubt I’ll be back again next year to have another go. It is flat and fast after all….

The overall winner was Matt Bergin of Bedford & County in 30:30 (the lesser known follow up to 20/20) and first lady Rebecca Murray also of Bedford & County in 34:29.

In a rare occurrence, I was the sole Strider running:

P Name Time Cat
102 Alex Green 43:53 M

Full results can be found here.

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