Blackamoor Chase Result

Race date: 13th June, 4.5 miles

Described, accurately, as a lung buster of a course, this race is also notable for having Juniors (from 14 years old) joining the fray. Its uphill to almost exactly the halfway point, with an opening km on the road to reach the moors. The second downhill half is broken up with a cheeky steep further ascent just after the 3 mile mark. The last km is a fast descent of the opening road section.

The rain mostly stopped in time for the race but there were plenty of puddles to enjoy. I spent most of the race locked in a three way battle with Rob and Gilly. After a lot of to and frying I was first (just) to reach the top but predictably Rob came haring past me on the technical first descent, and I only managed to get ahead of him again on the second uphill section. Rob then had his work cut out for him to keep ahead of Gilly (who was fourth lady on the night).

Special mention to Nicola Rafferty who won the W50 category whilst her son, Tim was first MU23 – someone sign that young man up!

P Name Cat Time
21 MIDDLEMAS, Paul MSen 32:18.2
23 ROBERTS, Hal MSen 32:37.0
34 BISHOP, Robert MSen 34:07.0
35 PILLING, Rob M40 34:12.1
48 BUCKMAN, Joe MSen 35:30.1
57 HOGG, James MSen 36:17.1
62 SQUIRES, Michael M50 36:33.4
66 DAVIES, Rob M50 36:42.0
68 ALLEN, Gillian WSen 36:44.1
72 STUART, Paul M50 37:08.4
80 BURNS, Nick M40 37:54.3
92 PATES, Neal M50 39:07.0
94 SAMPSON GEROSKI, Rosa WSen 39:17.6
96 DANSON, Jim M40 39:31.6
102 RAFFERTY, Nicola W50 39:56.4
104 BOCKING, David M50 40:06.6
111 MCGEE, Ed MSen 40:39.5
126 TREVITT, Clare W40 41:14.5
161 SWIRLES, Phil M40 44:29.2
180 TAYLOR, Richard MSen 47:05.8
184 DAVIES, Jill W50 47:57.2
193 WOOLEN, Rachel W40 49:40.9
197 COATES, Sarah WSen 50:39.2
201 WINSLOW, Matthew M40 52:42.4

Full results:

some enjoying it more than others (photo: Andy Buck)



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