Bradfield Boundary Round report by Helen Davis

A group of 12 started at 6am precisely outside the gates of Loxley School by the famous Roger Baumeister (holder of the double Bob Graham record until recently) with the aim to complete the 48 ish mile Bradfield Boundary Round in under 12 hours. Bradfield Parish is probably the largest civil parish in England covering 56 square miles.

There were 5 checkpoints where people dropped into and out of the round as they liked and where we were fed and watered and could pick up and change various kit. The weather was kind except on tops where the wind was a bit breezy (45mph it was said). The views were amazing and we saw a beautiful sun set up near High Neb.

In all 8 of us completed the full round – Tom Saville set off 2 hours after us and broke the record coming in at 8 hours 44 minutes. We had a whole 5 minutes to spare and came in at 11 hours 55 minutes. We had taken a wrong line between checkpoint 4 and 5 and was behind schedule so had to run all the last leg whilst working out which way to go!

More info on the route can be found here:

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