Burbage Skyline result

Race Date: Tuesday 7th May 2019

One of the best short fell races of the season.

Race Report unashamedly lifted from DPFR website:

Burbage Skyline remains a very popular race, drawing runners from far and wide. There were over 50 clubs represented, and over a third of the 320 participants were female. The 400 race entries sold out pretty quick, and although 20% didn’t show up on the night, that’s not such a big figure, especially given the hailstorm in town, the Blades’ promotion procession, the Liverpool-Barca game – and indeed, potential encounters with Highland Cattle (no incident were reported).

And 319 runners crossed the finish line, so just one drop out during the race itself, which is less than usual. Perhaps the firm going helped. I knew it was going to be a fast one and as such wasn’t wholly surprised when Steve Franklin came in 2 minutes ahead of Nathan Lawson’s course record (set last year – the first run on the new route).

Alas it turned out that Steve, and also Dark Peak’s own Ben Rothery in second place, had inadvertently taken the direct route between Higger Tor and Winyard’s Nick – whereas the new (fixed) race route veers to the south west, before making a sharp left turn eastwards to take in an extra climb before crossing over the Winyards Nick path. This is an easy mistake to make, and in fact the line Steve and Ben took is truer to the actual ridge – or skyline. It is however also the route of the Tigger Tor race, and in devising the new Burbage Skyline route I was keen to avoid overlap where possible, as well as build in as many short climbs as I could – hence the difference. As the route they took cut off a significant corner I had no choice but to withdraw their results. Needless to say, the guys had absolutely no idea of their error until I had the unenviable task of informing them; and also needless to say they both took it on the chin most graciously. Fellas, that was still an incredible run and I really hope you can come back next year and give it another crack. I’ll also make sure the route is better flagged next time.

After Steve and Ben the first back, and race winners, were Lee Kemp and Joseph Oldfield – both with 39:23, whilst the Ladies race was won by Ellen Downs of Sheffield University Orienteering Society – in a new course record (both overall and U23) of 45:20 – Congratulations Ellen! 

Striders Results

P Name Cat Time
11 Chris Jones MSEN 00:42:01
14 Paul Middlemas MSEN 00:42:47
20 Louis Wood M40 00:43:27
33 Hal Roberts MSEN 00:46:34
45 Al Cook M40 00:47:36
60 Nigel Barnes M40 00:49:13
75 Craig Baird M40 00:50:28
77 Joseph Buckman MSEN 00:50:48
86 Robert Davies M50 00:51:39
92 Andy Sheppard M40 00:52:01
93 Andy Buck M60 00:52:11
99 Ben Clithero M40 00:52:18
103 Nick Burns M40 00:52:22
107 Stephen Clarke M40 00:53:03
111 Ian Stinson M40 00:53:22
123 Jessica Brooks W40 00:54:39
127 Dean Young M40 00:55:07
131 Will Day M50 00:55:23
131 Steve Haake M50 00:55:23
140 Ben Heller M50 00:56:00
144 Nicola Rafferty W50 00:56:20
148 Frances Norman WSEN 00:56:37
151 David Maloney M50 00:57:01
152 Phil Howson M50 00:57:13
176 Helen Calder W40 00:58:57
180 Gillian Allen WSEN 00:59:14
191 Fran Allen WSEN 00:59:53
198 Chris Walker M40 01:00:16
205 Philip Swirles M40 01:02:11
228 Tom Nuttgens M50 01:03:20
236 Laura Hogg WSEN 01:04:18
253 Bob Grocutt M50 01:06:52
256 Sally Twigg WSEN 01:07:09
257 Jill Davies W50 01:07:10
262 Kate Scott W50 01:08:39
264 Dean Harding MSEN 01:09:11
275 Richard Taylor MSEN 01:11:56
277 Naomi Rabin WSEN 01:12:17
293 David Bocking M50 01:18:04
310 Matthew Winslow M40 01:21:59
310 Sallyann Winslow W40 01:21:59

Full results: here

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