Calver Peak fell race result and report by Jane Huws

Race Date: Wednesday 5th June 2019

5.1miles          900ft ascent

Good things – local, sunny evening, easy parking, archetypal English Cricket ground location, friendly locals, nearby pub toilets,  lovely supportive Strider gathering (goes without saying), flower views from the top of the hill.

Not so good things – everyone looking much more fell-race-ready than me, and ‘The Hill’ I could see from the start.

My first fell race, other than the Trunce, and I have to say I was a little nervous.  My fellow newbies (Julie Meredith and Sarah Coates) felt the same. We reversed ourselves through the pack to start at the back.   THAT hill, just at the start, made sure I didn’t venture much further up the rankings. A cheery Andy Davies tried to encourage me to break into a run for the photo, but my legs said no. He was positioned at a particularly steep bit.  (Great photos and thanks for support Andy).  Really enjoyed it after the first hill– especially the narrow (downhill) rocky section.  Quite happy to get to the finish (apparently I managed a grin)  – nice of them to add a last couple of hill sections, just when you thought it was all downhill back. Hoping I’m not addicted but I think I’m doing another one this week.

The race was won by Harry Homes of Matlock AC in 30.45. The females race was won by our very own Caroline Brock in 35.05, fantastic performance.

Well done to all the Striders in attendance.

Striders Results:

P Name Cat Time
13 Paul Middlemass M Sen 34.12
22 Caroline Brock F Sen 35.05
27 Mark Doyle M Sen 36.27
37 James Staves M Sen 37.50
46 Kevin Sibley MV 40 38.50
50 Joe Buckman M Sen 38.59
52 Nigel Barnes MV 40 39.08
63 Andy Sheppard MV 40 40.19
73 Ian Stinson MV 40 41.02
86 Nick Burns MV 40 42.00
94 Mark Platton MV 50 42.18
97 Steve Haake MV 50 42.30
99 Nicky Rafferty FV 50 42.36
102 Neal Pates MV 50 42.46
122 Rosa Sampson F Sen 43.52
140 Tom Nuttgens MV 50 45.09
188 Jill Davies FV 50 51.04
197 Julie Meredith FV 40 51.40
217 Sarah Coates F Sen 54.27
222 Jane Huws FV 50 58.45

Full results: here


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