Exterminator Results

Race Date: 1st September

16 miles

The eighth counter in this year’s fell race championship was this aptly named race which also brought the Totley AC race series to a close. Conditions were good with a relatively cool temperature and only a few drops of rain.

Totley AC members won both the mens’ and ladies’ races; Steve Franklin in 02.07.20 and Rachael Lundgren in 02.36.28.

Sadly our own Caroline B’s attempt to defend her title ended at the bottom of the steep treacherous slope on the way down from Totley trig point, with a broken wrist. As she says herself she really was exterminated.

Striders results:

P Name Cat Time
11 Louis WOOD M40 2:35:05.3
18 Nigel BARNES M40 2:36:54.9
23 Fran CUMMINS WSen 2:39:05.2
37 Andy SHEPPARD M40 2:48:03.2
47 Gillian ALLEN WSen 2:51:25.2
48 Mark RAMSELL M40 2:51:30.0
52 Ben HELLER M50 2:53:17.7
53 Michael SQUIRES M50 2:54:55.1
57 Mark PLATTON M50 2:59:28.5
60 Nick BURNS M40 3:00:03.0
64 Rob PILLING M40 3:03:41.4
69 Paul STUART M50 3:04:36.3
71 Rosa SAMPSON GEROSKI WSen 3:04:54.1
82 Steve HAAKE M50 3:08:22.4
88 Russell STEVENSON M40 3:14:27.2
89 Phil HOWSON M50 3:14:41.5
91 Nicola RAFFERTY W50 3:15:08.0
92 Pippa POWELL W40 3:15:50.6
104 Helen CALDER W40 3:22:48.1
110 Neal PATES M50 3:26:10.8
132 Paul CHAPMAN MSen 3:42:06.4
134 Jill DAVIES W50 3:46:01.4
153 Sallyann WINSLOW W40 4:30:41.0
154 Matthew WINSLOW M40 4:30:43.0

Full results: https://www.webscorer.com/racedetails

Kudos to Fran who was second lady home (and to Gillian who was 5th lady and Rosa who was 10th lady!). Special mention too to Nicola who was first W50 despite taking an early tumble herself which made every step painful (and there were a lot of steps)!

Far too happy for this stage of the race ! (Gilly topping out at Longshaw) Photo: Emma Beer





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