Fat Cat Urban Nights Orienteering Results 2019

Race Date: 14th March 2019

This was the last in the series of the Urban Nights races, organised by the very lovely Tim Tett of Dark Peak. These races are really innovative and great fun – always followed by a social element. So good, some of these ideas have been incorporated into the Striders’ social scene in the form of Springvale Spirals and Tipsy Strider.

This one is a proper orienteering race, complete with map and checkpoints. This version had us running around some flats in Burngreave, much to the bemusement of the local residents. “Are you lost – can we help?” “Orienteering – what’s that? Some sort of experiment?” The course also featured my personal favourite – ‘Murderers’ Car Park’ which I remember from last time as being the ideal backdrop to some kind of horror film – complete with unsavoury characters.

Richard Pegg and I went round together again as a team – together with our new secret weapon Sophie Reale who revealed a previously undisclosed aptitude for map reading. I’d no sooner open the map and Sophie would already be running off in whichever direction it was.

Once back we relaxed at the pub with a well-deserved pint and chilli / curry dinner.

Matt Gibson and team covered around 16km, on the long course; we covered 6km on the short course. Well done to the Striders who took part in the long course – Phil, Matt and David persevered and completed the course (even foregoing dinner in their quest!), whereas for Loz and John, the allure of the pub was too great and they retired after a certain number of checkpoints. Valiant efforts all round.

26 people completed the long course, which was won by Sam Fielding in 54.55. Chloe Potter was fastest lady in 01.08.11. 24 people completed the medium course, and 4 the short course.

Striders’ Results:

Long Course

Name Pos Time
Phil Dooley 24 02.02.04
Matt Gibson 25 02.02.07
David Maloney 26 02.02.10
Loz Harvey 01.43.21
John Armitage 01.43.22

Short Course

Name Pos Time
Sophie Reale 2 00.53:14
Richard Pegg 3 00.53:19
Naomi Rabin 4 00.53:19


Full Results: here


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