Hell on the Humber Ho Ho HOTH 2018 report by Nick Booker

Race report by Nick Booker

Race date: Saturday, 1 December 2018

A couple of Striders have reported on previous Hell on the Humber “how many laps of a 4-mile course that includes running across the Humber Bridge can you do in a fixed time” events this year (Sarah Storey and Nick Booker). Nick Booker decided to go back and have another go…

“HO HO HOTH is the is the last of the series in the Hoth races, which is a 6-hour race. For the first 4 hours, we had torrential rain and horrendous cross winds as we ran across the Humber Bridge. I manages 44 miles in 6 hours, equalling Anthony Gerundini’s course record and winner for the last 3 years, giving me a 1st place win and Anthony a 2nd place. Great Christmas spirit and very organised, definitely worth checking out.”

Striders result:

P Name Distance
1 Nick Booker 44 miles
Helen Musther 12 miles

Nick Booker

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