It’s Grim Up North Bramley 10k 2019 report by Lucy Cowell

Race date: Sunday, 20 October 2019

Race report by Lucy Cowell

Last year I booked the Yorkshire Marathon 2019 and see how I goes from there, and I was doing well but it turned out too difficult day by day and I was not ready to do this, then I thought I would turn a Marathon to Half Marathon at Axeholme to be sensible, but realised I didn’t train enough and it’s too much. It’s about listening to my body and not putting in under too much pressure. My Deaf friend asked me “Why not come to Bramley 10k, run with me, it’s a perfect training run to getting feeling ok, also a good challenge 😉”.

So one week ago I decide to book it, and it’s not fully booked phew! I drove for an hour and my Deaf friend told me it’s difficult to find parking, but he lives there and knows the place very well, so it was nice of him to say come to his house and he’d take me from there to the Bramley 10k run. Only 8 minutes driving 😉.

Here we are at Bramley 10k run: he’d been last year and explained to me how the route works for planning ahead: downhill to start with then undulating then it finishes oh god uphill lol! Funny, I had a battle with a lovely old man – we kept going forward and back and forward and back. He won at the finish but at least I  had a good battle with him. My usual side is the gritty face photo, obviously determined on the finish line, and when my friend said to me “What do you think?” I answered it’s hard work but I love a good challenge. My Deaf friend did well, 20 out of 148. I’m very proud of myself 90 out of 148 😃.

It’s a lovely small community and definitely friendly and one of the Parkrunners knew me 😮. I must be famous lol! Joking aside from James Norton post I was 1st places Strider 🏆. Afterwards, I got a goody bag and my Deaf friend and his wife invited me to their house for fancy bacon sandwiches oh yes oh yes and it felt good to have it and chat. We’re always talking about running, event and Parkrun too 👌👍 and what’s next in store coming soon. I can’t wait to start 2020….

Striders result

P Name Cat Time
90 Lucy Cowell F 1:01:43

The race was won by Tom Thomas of Valley Striders in 35:42, with the first woman being Emily Williams (unattached) in 44:29. Full results:

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