Kimmy Killer 2019 haiku report by Stuart Jones

Race date: Sunday, 18 August 2019; race distance: 6.12 miles, half trail (downhill) and half road (uphill)

Race report by Stuart Jones

Quadrennial race
One hill, one-in-five; three times
Nettle stings. Calves burn


Full results of the 46 entrants, here: RESULTS ON-LINE

First male:           Richard Spooner, Barnsley Harriers: 42:28

First female:       Adelle Marsden, Kimberworth Striders: 52:17

Steel City Striders:

Paddy Treehowes 53:09 14th overall / 12th male
Sarah Allcard 53:40 3rd female, picking up another  wine-based prize
Stuart Jones 55:40 19th overall / 16th male
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