Long Distance Strider 2019 – August

Here are the standings of the 2019 Long Distance Strider competition, up to the end of August.

With a few commendable ultras and a lot of late-summer fell racing, there’s actually been a bit of movement at the top of both men’s and women’s tables, with Sarah Storey leading the women’s competition, Alan Evans taking the third place in the men’s competition – LDS podium newcomers both – and less than a mile separating Nick Burns and Stuart Jones in first and second place.


1st: Sarah Storey (265.15)

2nd: Fran Cummins (224.6)

3rd: Amy Duck (223.5)



1st: Nick Burns (332.7)

2nd: Stuart Jones (332)

3rd: Alan Evans (322.5)


Full standings (Excel Format): Long Distance Strider August 2019

Please note that all entries into LDS are taken from the Race Results posted here on the Striders’ website – so if your race performance isn’t written up on a race page, it won’t find its way into LDS.  Please check your entries in the standings carefully, as mistakes are regrettable but inevitable (it is a big spreadsheet).  If you find any errors, please let Matt Barton know via the Striders’ Facebook group.

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