Long Distance Strider 2019: June

Here are the standings of the 2019 Long Distance Strider competition, up to the end of June.  (I know it’s half-way through July already, but I haven’t started processing July races yet!)

We’re well into the summer season now, with spring marathons behind us, and the leaderboard is starting to take shape. But with the autumn marathon season and planned ultras ahead, there’s still plenty of opportunity to claim a place on the podium.



1st: Amy Duck

2nd: Caroline Brock

3rd: Sallyann Winslow



1st: Nick Burns

2nd: Nick Booker

3rd: Stuart Jones


Full standings (Excel Format): Long Distance Strider June 2019

Updates will come monthly from now until the end of the year.

Please note that all entries into LDS are taken from the Race Results posted here on the Striders’ website – so if your race performance isn’t written up on a race page, it won’t find its way into LDS.  Please check your entries in the standings carefully, as mistakes are regrettable but inevitable (it;s a *big* spreadsheet).  If you find any errors, please let Matt Barton know via the Striders’ Facebook group.

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