Masham Black Sheep 3/6 hour challenge 2019 report by Mandy Taylor

Race date: Sunday, 15 September 2019

The idea is to run a circuit of 3.35 miles until your time of 3 or 6 hours has expired. Dependent on what you have entered.  If you are in the middle of a lap you can continue and this is included in your total mileage.

I entered thinking it might be useful for my marathon training, pace it steady and hope for 20mile under the 3hr timescale. It is advertised as an undulating multi terrain route.

What I had not realised that the off road trail route had approx. 8/9 stiles/gates to negotiate. As well as single track areas to which passing other runners was difficult. Especially as you were having to be constantly aware of tree roots/stones etc that were hazardous. (And there were a few accidents/falls.) Given that this was a 3 mile circuit it felt at times like an obstacle course!

After my initial disappointment and a change in mindset – train for the Sheffield Way relays instead of a marathon, I got to enjoy this. The route passed some lovely country side, farmer’s fields, skirted the River Ure, and passed through the village and the churchyard of Masham.

Each time you passed the start line you collected a wrist band, to keep tally of your mileage and where there was a drinks station should you need to hydrate.

The course was well marshalled and the weather held out!

This was definitely not one of my favourite runs – it did feel a bit disorganised, all runners setting off together, less than 130, but the first 50/60 meters was single track and this led to queues at the first and second stiles. The finishers’ funnel was also not well positioned, having to pass the wristband collection and drinks station, it wasn’t very clearly marked.

I am pleased that I managed the 20miles – and the 3hours did seem to pass quickly.

On completion there were hot sausage sarnies and cake. The usual medal given and a complimentary bottle of Masham Ale with a bar of chocolate.

I don’t think there were any other Striders there;

Results for the 3hr challenge

I placed 11th overall and 4th female @ 3hrs 06mins  – 20.1miles

1st male  – Andrew Pritchard    3hrs 29mins   – 26.8miles

1st lady  –  Victoria Morris         3hrs 15mins     -23.4miles

Event information available here

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