Meerbrook 15k 2019 report by Phil Dooley

Race date: Saturday, 22 June 2019

Race report by Phil Dooley

Meerbrook 15k, classed as the 3rd hilliest race in Britain.

As part of my Snowdonia Marathon training this seemed like a challenge.

After a mile walk to the start line the race was off with a nice steady downhill first mile, thinking this was going to be a breeze???

At mile 2 it hits you, the only thing I can compare it with was Blake Street but longer but when you get to the top you are greeted by great scenery and reborn legs.

What you don’t realise is, what goes up must come down meaning there’s got to be a long up coming up.

After 4 miles, the up part came. 2 miles of what felt like relentless climbing and after this a mile all downhill sprint finish
I finished in a time of 1:20:41 finishing in a place of 141 out of 255.

It was such a good race and loved every minute of it just can’t believe that I was the only Strider there, although I had support from Gayle and Strider Dog Charlie.

I totally recommend this race for Striders next year and any kind of nipple protection is a must.

First Male Carl Moulton of Boalloy RC in 54:36. First Female Lauren Cooper of Bridgnorth RC in 1:02:29

Striders result:

P Name Cat Time
141 Phil Dooley M40 1:20:41

Full results:

Phil Dooley at Meerbrook 2019

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