Moss Valley Madness 2019 Result and Report

Race date: Sunday 15th September 2019

The Crystal Peaks Runners organised this great, very local race in the delightful Moss Valley. The day started in the Eckington School gym – long time since I’ve been at School – where the helpfully simple formalities were quickly completed in record speed by the very efficient race staff.

After a concise and effective (almost everyone seemed to be listening) brief, briefing we were off. … across the School playing fields keeping the sturdy steel poles and red/white tape on the right. We then entered Moss Valley proper using balloons as the first turn marker. No, we weren’t holding them, they were fastened down. The 66 runners then undulated through a good chunk of the Moss Valley along mostly good and well defined paths including stiles and the odd gate. Yes, there was a bit of mud here and there.  Helen made a brave attempt to remodel part of the course by the judicious use of her left knee; sadly, it didn’t work!

The marshalling was fantastic with lots of keen and vocal folks at pretty much every turn. You couldn’t get lost if you tried – I know, I had a half hearted go at just that.  This is definitely trail running and the Garmin reckoned I’d done 186m of ascent over the slightly less than 10km.

First across the finish line was Keith Swanson (unattached) in 00:39:59; first lady home was Hannah Walker (unattached) in 00:46:41.  According to the results , 8 Striders finished the course with Sarah Allcard taking a well deserved second female place.

P Name Time
9 Paul Stuart 47.39
11 Paddy Treehouse 48.45
18 Sarah Allcard 51.26
39 Kevin Dale 60.39
48 Joe Eccles 64.09
57 Helen Eberlin 65.59
60 David Bownes 67.59
63 Gaynor Hobson 69.44

No coconut juice in sight…



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