Northern 6 & 4 Stage Relays 2019 Results

Race date: September 15th, 2019

The Northern 6 & 4 Stage relays are held in the shadow of the Etihad stadium in Manchester. Legs aren’t the most picturesque, with a short section of running track followed by a tour of the ground’s concrete exterior and parking facilities, but this event is all about the competition: the club relays are where competitive running clubs go to measure themselves against each other. For a long time, we haven’t even bothered turning up, but these days we’re regularly turning out good teams and holding our own, showing you can be a mass membership club and competitive at the same time. Although we haven’t won one quite yet.

This year we entered two men’s teams and one women’s team, a big increase on last year. Everyone’s efforts were impressive, but highlights included:

  • The start of the men’s race, as 100+ of the north’s top club runners tried to sort themselves into the right order on the bend of a running track while running at 5-minute mile pace.
  • For the men’s A team, Phil Skelton and Sam Brown both improving on their times from last year, despite the organisers adding a cheeky extra 100m to the course by moving the start/finish.
  • For the men’s B team, Nick Booker showing he has incredible speed for someone who specialises in races that are 50-100 miles+, and Adrian Fisher looking controlled and strong as he produced our 4th fastest leg of the day.
  • Our first ever women’s team, who all ran well and were brought home in 27th/69 by in-form Nicola Birch running the 10th fastest leg 4 of any team there.
  • The thrilling shoulder-to-shoulder extended sprint finish between the Striders B team’s James Hogg and Sheffield Running Club’s B team’s Alex Plant. Alex, a 16:04 5k runner before injuries set him back, found just enough of his old speed when he needed it to pip James to the line, but it was still a good grand finale before we had to pack up and go home.

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Overall, we managed 27th/69 in the women’s race, and 62nd & 81st/106 in the men’s. At an event of this standard, that’s a very respectable showing.

The women’s race was won by Rotherham Harriers in 1:27:07. The fastest leg was run by Abbie Donnelly of Lincoln Wellington in 20:14.

Women’s A Team: 1:41:57, 27th/69

Leg Name Time 5k Equivalent Team Position
1 Poppy Tovey 25:19 20:30 39
2 Gemma Wallace 26:36 21:33 37
3 Simone Young-Alls 25:50 20:55 33
4 Nicola Birch 24:12 19:36 27

5k equivalents based on Riegel’s formula and a distance of 6.1k. Full women’s results are here.

The men’s race was won by Leeds City AC in 2:00:31. The fastest leg was run by Philip Sesemann of Leeds City AC, in 19:18.

Men’s A Team: 2:23:42, 62nd/106

Leg Name Time 5k Equivalent Team Position
1 Phil Skelton 22:03 16:03 41
2 Ben Jones 23:42 17:15 54
3 Robert Bishop 24:52 18:05 63
4 James Fulcher 24:34 17:52 64
5 Matt Connell 24:38 17:55 63
6 Sam Brown 23:53 17:23 61

Men’s B Team: 81st/106, 22nd/31 B teams

Leg Name Time 5k Equivalent Team Position
1 Nick Booker 25:34 18:36 100
2 David Forrest 24:49 18:03 93
3 Adrian Fisher 24:23 17:44 87
4 Nick Scarlett 25:10 18:19 85
5 Joel Kesterton 25:27 18:31 82
6 James Hogg 25:49 18:47 82

5k equivalents based on Riegel’s formula and a distance of 6.75k. Full men’s results are here.

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