Northern Athletics Open Indoor Track Results

Race Date: Saturday 7th December 2019

I’d spoken to Lucy Broom the other week about future plans for track and field….. we always have this conversation. 🙂

She said she was running at the Northern Athletics meeting at EIS as it fitted well in her schedule.  She asked me for my thoughts, I said it might be high quality and it appears I was right from her informal report.

But fair play to Lucy, she went there, out of her comfort zone and just took part and competed.

Here’s what she had to say afterwards.

I enjoyed it, although it was uber competitive and mainly under 20s and very young seniors! just a small handful of oldies.


I did the 60m and set the new vet record of 10.13, which my husband says is a good 100m time, cheek! Just to put it in context, that was the slowest time of all 19 heats of the 60m!!! I parked my ego at the door!


Following on from that sprint from cold, my hamstrings hurt for the rest of the day, but I battled on. I did the 600m next, 1.56 something, not massively quick, but pleased to be under 2 minutes, and second slowest time this time, so that’s was better!


Then the shot put… was looking like it would clash with the 3000m, so they let me sneak in at the beginning of the event, to just throw (put?) one shot, so that I could get the record. it was hilarious.  I had never done it before, so a couple of young girls gave me a quick lesson and off I went. New vet record of 5.36m.


Finally, the 3000 m. A few more oldies in this, and I actually managed to have a race with someone, who tried to get me on the line, but I stuck my head forward and got him by a few 100’s of a second, so that was fun. 11.48 I think, which was fine for the end of the day!


Of course, these records may well fall if any vets go to run, jump, throw, but I’m hoping they’ll at least be acknowledged, even if they don’t stand for long!

Well fear not Lucy, they have been acknowledged and the Womens Track and Field club records have been updated accordingly.   You are the proud owner of the 60m and Shot Put vets records.

So there you have it, another fantastic example of someone in the club giving track (and field) a go…….

For anyone interested in taking part in the indoor Run, Jump, Throw meetings that Lucy mentions, you can check out a local track and field diary via the Masters Grand Prix website.

Full results from the above meeting are available via Power of 10 website.

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