Northern XC relays (Graves Park) results and report by Richard Pegg

Race Date: Saturday 19th October 2019

The Northern XC relays are a great event held each year in October at our very own Graves Park. This year it was on a fine sunny day with unusually good conditions. All had a really good day. Again a great team effort with all supporting each runner. Also, a big shout to Helen Cain who dragged her children down to the race so that she could complete her leg.

Before announcing the results I need to admit to 2 roles I have played.


As the organiser I was guilty of 2 criminal acts. Firstly I failed to submit the teams in time  for the results. I do have mitigating circumstances but I would need a lawyer to get me out of this one!

Secondly there were 2 runners that had two late entries – Joe Sweetnum-Powell wanted a good workout and Chris Bannister turned up at the start. In both cases I got them straight into a an undeclared team. It’s a shame because both ran really good legs.


I have been able to gather evidence from many places – race results web page, strava, pictures and facebook. From that I can announce the following results


Team Winners Leeds City A – 37.01

Striders Ladies Team A – 26th in  time of 46.51

  • Poppy Tovey 14.36
  • Gillian Burgon 15.58
  • Kate Scott 16.17

Striders Ladies Team B 33rd in a 49.59

  • Helen Cain 17.44
  • Caitlin Robertson 16.18
  • Jacqui Herring 15.57

Field of 45 teams

Men’s Team Winners Lincoln Wellington  – 42.54

Men’s Team A –  53.40 DISQUALIFIED – WOULD HAVE BEEN 29th

  • Ben Jones 12.00
  • Matthew Burgon 15.00
  • Michael Greer 14.24
  • Sam Brown 12.16

Men’s Team B –  57.09 38th WOULD HAVE BEEN 39th

  • Chris Lawson 13.25
  • Maz Kaczmarczyk 14.18
  • Colin Hardy 14.4
  • Adam McAuley 14.46

Men’s Team C – 1:02:50 DISQUALIFIED – WOULD HAVE BEEN 49th

  • Michael O’Donnell 14.34
  • Richard Pegg 16.26
  • Andrew Davies 14.46
  • Stuart Jones 17.04

Men’s incomplete –

  • Joe Sweetnam-Powell 11.19
  • Chris Bannister 13.01

Field of 53 teams

Small even more embarrassing observation. If “Moriarty the selector” had actually done his job our top 4 runners would have finished 17th. That shows the level of achievement this club can attain!

Full Results: here

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