SCS Classic Road Race Championship 2019 Update 1 of 12

Race Date: 17th February 2019

Round 1 of 12 – Classic Road Race Championship

Although the club has decided to try a new format for the Road Race Championships this year we are still going to be running the traditional age graded competition. It’s not without some trepidation that I’ve taken over the reins from master spreadsheet maker Jorge, who has done an amazing job of keeping track of the results for the last few years.

It’s probably worth a quick refresher of how the championship works. Same as the divisional championship there are 12 races throughout the year as follows:

Leicestershire Half – 17th February
Norton 9 mile- 3rd March
Dronfield 10k – 7th April
Sheffield Half – 14th April
Dronfield Town 10k – 6th May
Holymoorside 10k – 12th May
Striders 10k – 12th July (TBC)
Askern 10 mile – 11th August
Bassingham Bash 5 mile– 31 August or 7th September (TBC)
Cusworth 10k – 29th September
Isle of Axholme Half – 27th October
Barnsley 10K – 24th November

Points are awarded for each race based off your time in that race compared to the fastest time for your gender. As an example if the race was won in a time of 01:00:00 and your time was 01:30:00 you would score;

(01:00:00/01:30:00) * 100 = 66.67 points

Only your best 5 results count at the end of the season and you must complete at least 5 races to qualify.

In addition you get 10 points as a bonus for each race you take part in and this isn’t capped so you can earn up to 120 bonus points for the season.

Runners are split by gender as well as age categories.

Without further ado here’s how things stand after round 1:

Senior Women

Name Points
Frances Roberts 91.1
Katie Morris 86.4
Helen Burgess 83.5
Charlotte Roper 82.7
Kimberley Bateman 82.2

Senior Men 

Name Points
Thomas Halloway 103.2
Hal Roberts 98.5
David Forrest 94.3
Malcolm Baggaley 93.2
John Lea-Wilson 92.9


Name Points
Rebecca Chapman 67.9
Helen Smith 65.5
Lucy Cowell 65.1
Emma Lewis 61.6
Sarah Schofield 59.6


Name Points
James Rose 99.1
Tim Holt 92.6
Charlie Field 86.7
Adrian Fisher 86.4
Neiil Schofield 85.2


Name Points
Jo Carnie 76.1


Name Points
Jonathan Legon 85.7
Stuart Jones 84.5
Rob Betts 83.8
Dominic Sleath 82.9
Philip Howson 82.6

No runners in either the F60 or M60 categories took part in the first round.

The raw data can be found here.


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