SCS Classic Road Race Championship 2019 Update 11 of 12

Race Date: 20th October 2019

As with the Divisional Championships as we hit the home straight things have started to get interesting in the Classic championships too. Who has jumped up the tables? Has anyone scored major points this round? Has anyone secured their title? Lets find out!

Senior Women

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Heather Hatton 462.17 50 512.17
Gillian Allen 440.71 50 490.71
Charlotte Roper 430.64 60 490.64
Nicola Ross 419.41 70 489.41
Kim Bateman 398.62 70 468.62

It would appear that if Heather can turn out at Doncaster the title would be hers, but if not, and Gilly does, she’d need to run circa 92% of the winning time to improve enough to take her past Heather. It’s a similar scenario for Charlotte.

Senior Men 

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Phil Skelton 496.75 70 566.75
Joe Sweetnam-Powell 483.95 70 553.95
Liam Turner 465.98 50 515.98
David Forrest 438.47 70 508.47
Ben Sanderson 415.24 90 505.24

As with the Divisional Champs, Joe has a launched a valiant late effort to stop the normally all conquering Phil. With both now confirmed as racing at Doncaster it could prove to be a grand spectacle. However with circa 14 points to make up, he’d have to in effect beat Phil by 14% of the winning time, which going off previous years could be into the 4 minute range. Possibly an ask too far, but if I know Disney sports films maybe a magic pair of shoes could propel him to victory…

Female V40 

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Sarah Allcard 434.51 80 514.51
Tracey Davies 398.21 80 478.21
Claire Johnson 397.79 70 466.79
Sarah Ward 389.22 50 439.22
Vikki McAuley 359.54 60 439.22

After a hurried re-look at the F40, ahem.. Sarah looks to be in the driving seat here, although with Tracey down to do Doncaster never say never.

Male M40

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Michael Richardson 410.07 80 490.07
Adrian Fisher 416.85 70 486.85
Neil Schofield 392.15 90 482.15
Chris Guy 423.98 50 473.98
Steve Smith 411.60 60 471.60

Things are pretty tight in the M40 category and may well come down to who can turn out on the day. Assuming that both Michael and Adrian turn out, with just 3.22 points separating them and both having a “worst” performance in their best 5 of circa 80% it’s a straight shoot out to see if Adrian can be 3.22% faster than Michael. Maybe time to buy some Vaporflys…

If neither run Neil would take the title just for turning up (showboat victory lap all the way round?), otherwise he’d have to pull off a fairly epic run to catch both of them.

Female F50

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Nicky Rafferty 428.73 60 488.73
Kate Scott 330.10 40 370.10
Gaynor Hobson 305.53 60 365.53
Jo Carnie 286.56 40 326.56
Jo Gleig 270.42 50 320.42

There’s no question the female F50 category with Nicky confirmed as the winner. Even if she didn’t run and Kate or Gaynor won the race (scoring the maximum of 110) she’s not far enough ahead to be confirmed as the victor. Well done Nicky!

Male M50

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Rob Betts 406.62 100 506.62
Michael Slater 403.51 70 473.51
Paddy Treehowes 399.01 60 459.01
Stuart Jones 380.25 70 450.25
Peter Brown 377.53 70 447.53

I don’t think many are surprised to see Mr Betts top of the M50 category given how he’s been running lately and his fine form has finally been rewarded as he ties up the M50 crown. Even if he didn’t run at Doncaster, he has a cushion of 33.11 points over Michael who could only improve by a maximum of 32.75 points (if he won the race). Congratulations and well deserved for all the hard work that Rob has put in over the last few months.

Female F60

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Stephanie Street 361.48 50 411.48
Helen Eberlin 349.84 50 399.84
Nicole Nield 329.39 60 389.39
Gill Pearson 203.15 40 243.15
Sheena Woodhead 171.10 30 201.10

Unlike the F50 category,there’s plenty to play for in F60, again most likely coming down to who out of Stephanie, Helen and Nicole runs at Doncaster. Nicole would most likely need the others to not run and would have turn in a performance circa 83% of the winning time to take the title.

Male M60

Name Base Points Bonus Points Total Points
Ian Blackburn 187.00 30 217.00
Richard Binks 125.95 20 145.95
David Bownes 117.55 20 137.55
Barry Gyte 74.31 10 84.31
Graham Goff 72.29 10 82.29

Ian would appear to have a commanding 71.05 point lead but with no runner having completed 5 races, plenty of points can still be made up. If Ian doesn’t make it to Doncaster, Richad and David would need to run 61.05% or 69.45% of he winning time respectively to steal away the title.

Full standings as ever are here.

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