SCS Classic Road Race Championship 2019 Update 3 of 12

Race Date: 6th April 2019 – Rumble in the Dronx

Round 3 of 12 – Classic Road Race Championship

With 3 races now done and dusted and the 4th on the horizon, el campeonato clasico is starting to take shape. However with plenty or runners having “races in hand” there will be a fair few surprises before it’s all said and done. As Alan Hansen once famously said, “you can’t win anything with Vaporflys”.

The top 5 in each category are as follows:

Senior Women

Name Points
Kim Bateman 264.04
Lucy Woodward 237.50
Rachel Rea 211.62
Sandie Farrow 210.47
Heather Hatton 199.30

Senior Men

Name Points
David Forrest 290.99
Malcolm Baggaley 284.69
Alex Green 271.69
James Boreman 269.71
Seth Kirby 264.98


Name Points
Lucy Cowell 225.34
Helen Smith 219.72
Sarah Schofield 198.52
Sarah Allcard 180.31
Claire Johnson 168.50


Name Points
Neil Schofield 264.51
Gareth Pert 249.38
Phil Dooley 244.33
Matt Gibson 242.10
Scott Liddle 240.91


Name Points
Kate Scott 178.07
Jo Carnie 165.97
Ang Jackson 154.55
Gaynor Hobson 136.61
Jo Gleig 117.84


Name Points
Rob Betts 248.61
Ryan Talley 223.10
Simon Gleadhall 209.35
Paddy Treehowes 181.43
Will Day 168.17


Name Points
Stephanie Street 158.80
Gill Pearson 126.36
Helen Eberlin 80.43
Nicole Nield 74.66
Sheena Woodhead 67.67


Name Points
Richard Binks 73.59
Ian Blackburn 72.23
Ian Shepherd 58.79

Full standings are here.

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