SCS Divisional Road Race Championship 2019 Update 11 of 12

Race Date: 20th October 2019

The penultimate round of the inaugural Divisional Championships saw the second away day of the race lineup. The Striders cult turned out in numbers as ever, aided by coach transportation expertly arranged by Mr Betts.

In fact, nearly 1 in 5 finishers on the day were Striders, perhaps giving the local population a taste of what a Viking raid would have felt like back in the day, if said Vikings had descended in inappropriate length shorts plus green/gold vests. With division rivalries nicely coming to the boil I can image there was a fair amount of “friendly” banter on the coach there and back.

As we’ve reached the 2nd to last round I though I’d break each division down with who needs what to win what (click on the headings for each division to see the respective full table for the division):

The Premiership
Both title contenders were on show, with Joe zooming to first overall and perhaps showing he’s the next% generation, while Phil finished in 3rd overall. Another good run from Chris Guy pushed him closer to 3rd place in the division and the chance to run in the Inter-Toto cup next year (although the weather forecast in Africa isn’t looking too great):

Name Time Points
Joe Sweetnam-Powell 1:14:25 20
Phil Skelton 1:15:46 19
Chris Guy 1:29:41 18
Sam Needham 1:30:38 17

Who can win the Title? 
Early doors it looked like no one could catch the juggernaut that is a Phil Skelton in full flight, but credit to Joe, he’s managed to take it down to the wire. Given the tie breaker rules there’s a number of ways this can play out:

Scenario 1: Neither run at Doncaster 10K – Phil wins 119 points to 117
Scenario 2: Joe runs at Doncaster, Phil doesn’t – Phil wins regardless of how many points Joe scores on head to head (3 to 2)
Scenario 3: Both run at Donacaster – This is where it gets interesting;

After consultation with the rules committee, the ruling is that if two runners finish level on points and level head to head then the aggregate time of the head to head races will be compared, and the fasted runner overall will be declared the winner. On current standings Phil has aggregated times 2 minutes 7 seconds faster than Joe, so Joe would have to beat him by this margin or greater to win the title. As neither currently has a place for the race its seems a shame that we can’t set up this run off for the title unless some numbers are generously (and legitimately!) transferred.

Who can get relegated?
Technically anyone from James Fulcher downwards but realistically unless one of the runners yet to make an appearance shows up for the last race it looks like the bottom 4 as things currently stand although Caroline and Zanthe might want to keep one eye over their shoulders.

Division 2
It always seemed inevitable that Dave Forrest would take the title with maximum points and so it finally proved as he went sub 85 to rightfully claim his title. Ade Fisher had another cracking run to keep himself at the right end of the table, with sightings too of Ed Startup and Lucy Broom:

Name Time Points
David Forrest 1:24:07 20
Adrian Fisher 1:27:32 19
Ed Startup 1:30:48 18
Daniel Cubitt 1:32:54 17
Lucy Broom 1:35:30 16
Michael Slater 1:36:20 15

Who can win the title?
As above Dave finally claimed this, and in fine style to boot. A treemendous year of running for Mr Forrest.

Who can get promoted?
Daniel Cubitt’s solid run for 17 points saw him secure promotion, as did Ade (by dint of his better head to head record over Michael Slater). Michael currently holds 4th place, but can be caught by Malcolm. If both ran at Doncaster, and assuming Michel scored higher than 13 points he’d have to beat Malcolm by 3 points on the day to secure the final promotion spot.

Who can get relegated?
Any 4 from the bottom 5 as things stand.

Division 3 
With only 3 runners on the day from the divison, points a plenty (one of the lesser known Bond villains) were on offer. Steve Smith continued his good form from Chester to sneak under 90 minutes and take 20 points, with Adam keeping himself in the promotion hunt by taking 19 points. The first sighting of John Rawlinson might prove to be enough to save him from relegation:

Name Time Points
Steve Smith 1:29:59 20
Adam McAuley 1:36:06 19
John Rawlinson 1:41:20 18

Who can win the title?
Jordan was the first person to tie up their division title so this is long gone.

Who can get promoted?
Steve joined myself in securing promotion as well as forging ahead of me into 2nd place. The last spot now comes down to Heather or Adam. If both run, Adam has to beat Heather by 9 clear points to hang on to the last promotion spot.

Who can get relegated?
Any 4 from the bottom 7, though John’s appearance may well have done enough to keep him safe.

Division 4
Things were pretty tight in Division 4 with just 24 seconds separating Jimmy Sharman, James Boreman & Adam Bishop, while Stuart Jones’ recce obviously paid off as he took away a very sweet 16 points:

Name Time Points
Jimmy Sharman 1:34:04 20
James Boreman 1:34:11 19
Adam Bishop 1:34:28 18
David Naisbitt 1:36:44 17
Stuart Jones 1:44:41 16
Neil Schofield 1:47:51 15

Who can win the title?
It’s down to James and Jimmy now, with James in the driving seat. Jimmy would need to score 20 points at Doncaster and hope James scored 18 or less to take the title on head to head results.

Who can be promoted?
Aside from James & Jimmy, there’s still 7 runners technically in with a chance of claiming the remaining two sports, though there would have to be some pretty outrageous outcomes for some to sneak in. Current club house leaders Neil and Seth are sitting pretty on 100 points a piece, with some room for improvement still. One to watch is Adam Bishop, if he can score himself 20 or 19 points in the last race he’s almost guaranteed a spot, while the likes of Regan, Paul and James (both Staves and Ogden) would have to score highly and hope for other results to go their way to stand any chance. Stuart Jones, while currently sat in 7th doesn’t have any races in hand and sadly can only score 94 points as a maximum, leaving him on the outside looking in.

Who can be relegated?
Keith, Nicola and Steve are all unfortunately certainties for relegation, while Mark can still save himself, probably just by turning out at Doncaster.

Division 5
Rob Betts continues to wow and amaze the fans with another amazing run, smashing through sub 90 and beyond at Lightyear speeds. With promotion already secured, the question isn’t if he will go up, but by how many divisions. As per usual the Bens weren’t far away with Sanderson over Elmore this round, to take 19 and 18 points respectively. Kim Bateman also ran on the day, picking up 17 points to secure a  mid table finish:

Name Time Points
Rob Betts 1:27:14 20
Ben Sanderson 1:32:06 19
Ben Elmore 1:34:11 18
Kim Bateman 1:53:42 17

Who can win the title?
Ben Elmore, despite the ridiculous late charge by Rob Betts, secured the title last round.

Who can be promoted?
Unsurprisingly, outside of Ben, Rob and Ben Sanderson have secured 2 of the promotion spots. The remaining spot is currently held by Pete Brown, but he can just about be caught by Maz if he scored 20 points at Doncaster and Pete scores 15 points or less. With the head to currently 2-2 Maz would sneak the last spot.

Who can be relegated
Emma & Michael are relegated, but Letty and Joseph have it all to play for with Dan, Helen and Russell all still within range.

Division 6
Al Dalton continues his fine late season form, taking 20 points in a time almost 8 minutes quicker than the opening round at the Leicestershire Half. Behind him Sarah Allen was her usual model of consistency, finishing ahead of Andrew & Stephen, with James Mason standing tall to pick up 16 points:

Name Time Points
Al Dalton 1:37:42 20
Sarah Allcard 1:41:14 19
Andrew Lock 1:42:54 18
Stephen Slater 1:44:02 17
James Mason 1:51:40 16

Who can win the title?
We have an exciting 3 way tussle for the title, between Joe, Sarah and Charlotte with just the 2 points separating them.

If Charlotte scored 20 points at Doncaster and beat Joe by 1:56 or more she secures the title. She’d also win the title if she beats Joe by two clear points and finished within a point of Sarah. Sarah has to score at least 19 points, and finish at least 3 points clear of Joe and 2 points clear of Charlotte. If Joe scores 20 points he secures the title outright. Anything less and he can be caught.

Who can be promoted?
With his fine performance Al secured the last promotion spot and will join Joe, Sarah and Charlotte at the promotion party.

Who can be relegated?
Keith has sadly been confirmed as relegated, as has Adam and Nick. Sarah can still save herself and catch one of Clive, Katie or Chris.

Division 7
Despite having already won the title, Daniel turned in another class performance to grab 20 points, confirming he’ll surely be plying his trade higher then Division 6 next season. Garth Pert and Andrew Snoop Wuffy Wuff weren’t far behind taking 19 and 18 points. Fan favourite Peggy was able to spare time from his world travels to knock out a solid race and take 17 points for his troubles:

Name Time Points
Daniel Driscoll 1:34:47 20
Gareth Pert 1:38:26 19
Andrew Woffindin 1:40:25 18
Richard Pegg 1:47:25 17
Gillian Burgon 1:48:30 16
Claire Johnson 1:51:06 15

Who can win the title?
Daniel secured this back at Bassingham.

Who can be promoted?
Sadly for Wuff, by dint of Gareth finishing a point ahead of him it ended his slim chance of promotion, with James, Gareth and Will Day (courtesy of his head to head record against Wuff) confirmed in the remaining 3 spots.

Who can be relegated?
It’s 4 from the bottom 5, with Samuel Fox currently safe, but plenty to play for at Doncaster.

Division 8
In what’s proved to be a ding dong battle between Matt Gibson & Phil Dooley, Phil has slightly opened up a gap with a fine run to take 20 points, with Matt picking up 18 points. Cara Hanson was the rose among the thorns on race day scoring 19 points with Steven taking home 17:

Name Time Points
Phil Dooley 1:47:18 20
Cara Hanson 1:49:20 19
Matt Gibson 1:52:15 18
Steven Lewis 1:54:33 17

Who can win the title?
After beating Matt by 2 points, Phil has narrowed the title race down to Gilly and himself. If Gilly scores 19 points or more the title is hers outright, if she scores 17 points or more she can still win the title, but only if Phil scores 18 or fewer points.

Who can be promoted?
No surprises that Phil and Matt have secured promotion, but what perhaps is surprising is that Gilly hasn’t as yet, with Loz and Steven still in the hunt. Cara is in the driving seat for one of the other spots, but still can technically be overhauled by Gilly and Loz (by virtue of head to head).

Who can be relegated?
It’s any 4 from the bottom 6, with Amy and Rose currently ahead having managed to put points on the board.

Division 9
Ian Blackburn gave us a glimpse of what could have been if he’d got more races under his belt, as he took the 20 points. Morven Lowe continued her fine season to take 19, with Ryan, Vikki and Simon also having good runs:

Name Time Points
Ian Blackburn 1:56:37 20
Stephanie Street 1:57:07 19
Morven Lowe 1:58:24 18
Ryan Talley 2:04:25 17
Vikki McAuley 2:08:57 16
Simon Gleadhall 2:10:10 15

Who can win the title?
Helen Jones is the current leader but can still be caught by Luke and Mark. She’d have to finish at least 6 points clear of Luke as he has a race in hand, and ensure she betters Mark’s result. If Mark beats Helen he also has to finish 5 points clear of Luke. With a race in hand Luke stands a very good chance if he can make it to Doncaster.

Who can be promoted?
Although Ryan can’t win the title, he’s joined Helen in securing promotion. Luke and Mark can still be caught by Dawn, Morven, Vikki or Simon.

Who can be relegated?
Anna Howard has now been confirmed as relegated, beyond that it’s 6 into 3 for the remaining spots as Ian secured his division status with his fine performance.

Division 10
Just the two runners on the day if Division 10, with Davies of the Year Nominee Tracy Davies once again showing her class to score 20 points, followed by Nicole who picked up 19:

Name Time Points
Tracy Davies 1:44:03 20
Nicole Nield 2:08:14 19

Who can win the title?
Technically Tracy can catch Dave on points, but with Dave not due to run at Doncaster she can’t close the head to head gap so Dave is champion in waiting.

Who can be promoted
Outside of Dave and Tracy, it’s a a close race between Lucy, Helen, Nicole and Julia for the final 2 spots. Julia perhaps having the most ground to make up, needing to score at least 15 points and hope her rivals have bad days at the office. Lucy has a race in hand on the others, and if she can match her previous form, stands a very good chance of claiming a spot.

Who can be relegated?
All the bottom 4 runners have now been confirmed as relegated.

Division 11
I’d love to tell you all about some amazing performances in Division 11, but they obviously didn’t get the memo about the coach, as not one runner showed up. To think that 20 points just went begging just like that….

Who can win the title?
By default, Helen is now crowned Champion despite not racing the day as her rivals failed to take advantage. Perhaps it’s even more amazing that she won the title despite never scoring 20 points, showing that consistency wins out in the long run.

Who can be promoted?
Outside of Helen, Rachel and Sandie had secured promotion last round, so it’s all down to the final spot. David Bailey currently holds it, but can be caught by Zara, Eleanor or Sarah.

Zara and Eleanor would certainly have to be scoring above 18 points and hoping that David didn’t make Doncaster, while Sarah has a smaller gap to make up and would just need to better David by 5 points.

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