SCS Divisional Road Race Championship 2019 Update 6 of 12

Race Date: 12/05/19

Divisional Road Race Championship – Round 5 of 12

Holymoreside 10k, more like holy **** there’s more hill? Another bumper turn out of Striders saw the Green & Gold train take on this challenging course that separates the mountain goats from the flat track bullies.

Phil Skelton once again showed his class, finishing 1st overall on the day in eye watering 36:25 to make him 4 for 4 on races he’s entered this season. Ben Jones & Sam Needham fought out what proved to one a of number of close contests on they day to take 17 and 16 points each. Chris Guy, perhaps motivated by the announcement by the committee that there will be no parachute payments for those relegated from the Prem made his debut for a tidy 15 points:

Name Points
Phil Skelton 20
Stephen Schubeler 19
Liam Turner 18
Ben Jones 17
Sam Needham 16
Chris Guy 15

With current leader Dave Forrest an absen-tree on the day, there was a chance for his fellow Division 2 members to make up some ground with Ed Startup duly obliging, home in 41:44 to pick up the maximum. Daniel Cubitt kept himself in touch at the top with another 19 pointer, while Lucy Broom swept up the table and out the relegation zone with her first run of the season to take 17 points:

Name Points
Ed Startup 20
Daniel Cubitt 19
Michael Slater 18
Lucy Broom 17
Michael Squires 16

I feel at this point I’d be safe in pre-writing the Division 3 report, detailing another fine performance by Jordan Moat whose time of 40:44 on the day lends weight to calls for him to be moved into the Premiership next season. In the “everyone not called Jordan” race, Colin Hardy showed why this is one of his favourite courses to claim 19 points. There were a couple of good battles behind, with Steve Smith and Simon Ross separated by 3 seconds while Adam McAuley and myself has a less than pleasant sprint at the end to finish a mere second apart:

Name Points
Jordan Moat 20
Colin Hardy 19
Warren Brown 18
Steve Smith 17
Simon Ross 16
Sergei Shkul 15
Nick Burns 14
Alex Green 13
Adam McAuley 12
Jonathan Legon 11

No doubt there were some sore quads in Division 4 after some cracking efforts up the hill, James Boreman firming up his grip on top spot in 43:39. Behind him Rob Davies once again overcame his severe tarmac allergy, cruising to 19 points in 44:13. Another photo finish was required between Seth Kirby and Fran Cummins who also conspired to finish a second apart:

Name Points
James Boreman 20
Rob Davies 19
Charlie Field 18
Neil Schofield 17
Stuart Jones 16
Regan Hanson 15
Seth Kirby 14
Fran Cummins 13
David Naisbitt 12
Jeni Harvey 11

Ben Elmore really threw the kitchen cinque at the hill in Division 5, powering himself to another strong showing for 20 points, finishing in 44:16. Dominic Sleath was able to overcome his pre-race Radcliffes and pick up 15 points despite perhaps not daring to go quite full throttle:

Name Points
Ben Elmore 20
Peter Brown 19
Phil Howson 18
Nicky Rafferty 17
Maz Kaczmarczyk 16
Dominic Sleath 15
Dan Bell 14
Matt Broadhead 13
Chris Hodson 12
Kim Bateman 11
Tom Brooks 10
Letty Hancock 9

Division 6 was full of a number of intriguing stories on the day, Joe Sinnott taking the honours, but Claire Grisdale behind him, continues to show her track pedigree is translating on the road. Steve Irvine’s rehab form injury seems to be progressing well, picking up a solid 18 points, while Scott Liddle (17 points) did enough to put him back in the overall lead. However it would not be remiss of me not to mention our own Clive Downing, celebrating his 57 birthday, and getting a very well deserved ovation from the crowd:

Name Points
Joe Sinnott 20
Claire Grisdale 19
Steve Irvine 18
Scott Liddle 17
Frances Norman 16
Sarah Allcard 15
Al Dalton 14
Stephen Slater 13
Andrew Pembroke 12
James Mason 11
Kate Scott 10
John Bridgman 9
Clive Downing 8

No doubt there were tears in (Division) 7 as Daniel Driscoll again showed his rapid improvement shows no bounds, fresh off a storming London performance, he clocked 43:33 to take another 20 points. James Broomhead finishing next and keeping his hold on top spot, with Gareth Pert keeping himself in touch too, claiming 17 points:

Name Points
Daniel Driscoll 20
James Broomhead 19
Will Day 18
Gareth Pert 17
Nicola Ross 16
Mark Davies 15
Philip Swirles 14
Sarah Ward 13
Emma Norton 12

Mr Dooley once again had his fill in Division 8, coming in below 50 minutes to take 20 points and open up a gap on Matt Gibson. The only other 2 8’s who took part were Loz Harvey and Steven Lewis, with Loz continuing to position himself well for promotion:

Name Points
Phil Dooley 20
Loz Harvey 19
Steven Lewis 18

Sam Keen lived up to his name in Division 9, picking up his 2nd 20 pointer, finishing in very respectable 49:00. Mark Warriner and Helen Jones also scored well to make up ground on leader Luke Prest who didn’t run on the day:

Name Points
Sam Keen 20
Mark Warriner 19
Helen Jones 18
Stephanie Street 17
Morven Lowe 16
Simon Gleadhall 15
Vikki McAuley 14
Caroline Welton 13
Zoe Dickinson 12

Helen Eberlin turned in another great performance to build on her Dronfield time, suggesting she could be challenging at the end of the season if she can just Troy to get 4 more races under her belt. However for the now Dave Rooney is the stand out, having amassed 117 points, the highest total overall in the competition currently:

Name Points
Helen Eberlin 20
Tracy Davies 19
Dave Rooney 18
Caroline Brash 17
Peter Brash 16
Ruth Jacks 15
Corinne Howse 14
Richard Slater 13
Jade Rose 12

David Bailey was once again picture perfect in Division 11, picking up another maximum to push him up the table in the absence of current leader Helen Smith. Jane Huws was eventually awarded 19 points following an inquiry into whether her new Striders T-Shirt was deemed to be performance enhancing. Julia Waldron really did give it her all to belt out a 1:05:46, good for 17 points:

Name Points
David Bailey 20
Cath Ager 19
Jane Huws 18
Gayle Dooley 17
Julia Waldron 16
Eleanor Bull 15
Jo Gleig 14

For the full division standings see here.

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