SYCAA Cross Country 2019 Event 4: Penistone – report by Stuart Jones

Race date: Sunday, 8 December 2019

Report by Stuart Jones

League Winners 2020

The thing that caused the publicity and furore (good word, that) at the Brass Band of The Year Finals in ‘Brassed Off’ was the Grimley Colliery Band refusing the trophy. (

John Lennon returned his MBE, politely and respectfully, to Her Majesty the Queen, in protest at the ‘Nigeria-Biafra thing’. (

So why did the massively successful 2019 Steel City Striders Cross Country team fail to collect their hard-earned trophy after the final stage of the South Yorkshire County Amateur Athletics season at Penistone? Simply because it was so cold, so windy and so wet and muddy (and because they run the last event backwards with the kids’ races later on) that we had gone home before the end.

We have enjoyed the local season immensely – it has been unusual in its offering this year of ‘nostalgic’ ground conditions of every kind of mud and clag, yet the friendliness of the events make them great fun to attend and participate in.

This Sunday adventure was no different, but as always its success relied on unsung heroes: Gillian brought the numbers again, Richard had completed the registrations, Andy had power-hosed the tent and supplied new fittings, fast lasses and lads brought home the points scoring, lots of people chipped in with cake and coffee, volunteers erected and collapsed the tent, lame jokes and bonhomie were shared at all events, lifts offered and taken, and this time 14 women and 23 men ran for the Club and themselves.

In the men’s league the first six runners from each Club score points, and in the women’s league the first four runners to cross the finish line score. With such a good turn-out, this means that runners towards the back of the field or having a bad race don’t have to worry about how their performance might affect the Club’s rankings. When racing, you can theoretically think less about your time and more about getting the best finishing position you can.

For the senior men it was eight times up to the top of the ridge and over, eight times into the north wind. Eight times back to the Showground field and on seven of those it was knowing that there was more hill, more wind and more cold and wet to deal with. At one point there was sharp, fine hail that even the hardy Marshals of Penistone did not like.

Underfoot, the ground was so ‘soft’ that Parkrun was cancelled the following Saturday, the Showground not having recovered from the churning and charging encounter with 500 pairs of runners feet.

There were novices amongst the Striders, running alongside what you might call ‘seasoned’ runners, and each a fresh convert to the discipline; we think we will hate it, we oftentimes do while running, and then we head off to get cross country spikes and sign up for Lightwater Valley or Wollaton Park (or both) as we did actually really enjoy it.

It’s given me great pleasure, and I expect it always will do. (My brother will appreciate that line, nudge, nudge; wink, wink; say no more.)

Senior and veteran women (6.70km):

1 25:45 Rachel Lundgren Hallamshire Harriers
8 27:41 Caroline Brock Steel City Striders
21 30:00 Helen Burgess Steel City Striders
23 30:34 Claire Grisdale Steel City Striders
26 31:00 Sarah Koriba Steel City Striders
36 32:12 Nicola Galley Steel City Striders
39 32:32 Caitlin Robertson Steel City Striders
40 32:48 Isabelle Carter Steel City Striders
45 33:26 Kate Scott Steel City Striders
46 34:10 Charlotte Civico Steel City Striders
47 34:11 Gillian Burgon Steel City Striders
60 36:37 Julie Meredith Steel City Striders
73 38:13 Dawn Short Steel City Striders
82 41:34 Louise Cousins Steel City Striders
83 42:00 Sarah Bird Steel City Striders
105 57:30 Deb Knowles Valley Hill Runners

Senior and veteran men U-65 (9.90km):

1 34:55 Lee Milburn Rotherham Harriers & AC
5 36:19 Joe Sweetnam-Powell Steel City Striders
17 38:59 Ben Jones Steel City Striders
19 39:24 Sam Brown Steel City Striders
34 41:41 Louis Wood Steel City Striders
40 42:29 Joseph Mallinshaw Steel City Striders
42 42:44 James Fulcher Steel City Striders
46 43:10 Richard Carter Steel City Striders
48 43:32 Malcolm Baggaley Steel City Striders
49 43:35 Rob Betts Steel City Striders
58 44:49 Chris Guy Steel City Striders
61 45:13 Alex Shepherd Steel City Striders
63 45:25 Chris Lawson Steel City Striders
75 46:45 Ian Stinson Steel City Striders
76 46:45 Tim Holt Steel City Striders
77 47:01 Andy Buck Steel City Striders
93 48:48 Terry Byrne Steel City Striders
96 49:17 Adam McAuley Steel City Striders
101 49:57 Seth Kirby Steel City Striders
105 51:09 Stuart Jones Steel City Striders
110 51:41 Michael Wu Steel City Striders
112 52:03 Peter Brown Steel City Striders
129 58:07 Anthony Bell Steel City Striders
136 61:40 Phil Harris Valley Hill Runners

DNF (but does not show on the results pages): Andrew Woffindin

And someone left these nice gloves in the tent:

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