Tigers Trail 2019

Race date: Wed 1 May 2019

This was the inaugural running of the Tigers Trail. But as anyone who has been fell running for more than 12 months will tell you, the route, distance, date and everything else is identical to the Tigers Todger race that has been rebranded due to…”time”.

Regardless of what you call it, this race – the second in the annual Totley AC series – is a lungbuster and quite a few Striders at the start professed to hating it. It’s only 5.4 miles long, but with a super fast opening mile from the start at the Tigers RUFC down the road to Whirlow there is no easing yourself into this one. From there you turn left and straight into a steady mile and half of climbing through the Limb Valley up to Sheephill Road. A brief respite crossing the stile and the road and you’re back climbing again, dodging mountain bikes on the path to the top of Lady Canning’s plantation. As you exit the woods there’s no time to rest as the pace picks up again as you plunge back down to Sheephill Road and the interminable steep descent of Long Line. Eventually you swing right for final sting through the fields back the rugby club.

Nearly half the race is on tarmac and the rest on proper trails and paths, so it attracts a few of the less hardcore fell runners as well as the usual suspects. This year it was also race 3 in the 2019 Striders Fell Race championship, ensuring a good turnout – 38 Striders in a total of 162 finishers.

The race was won by Steve Franklin (Totley AC) in 31:00. First lady, and fourth overall, was Hatti Archer (Hallamshire Harriers) in 33:13. Special mention to Nicola Rafferty, who finished first F50.

Striders results:

6 Phil Skelton MSen 33:39
13 Chris Jones MSen 34:45
15 Paul Middlemas MSen 35:17
20 Hal Roberts MSen 36:19
23 Louis Wood M40 36:41
28 Jason Brannan M40 38:52
29 Sean O’Brien M50 39:11
31 Nigel Barnes M40 39:22
33 Russell Stevenson M40 39:38
36 Mark Platton M50 39:53
41 Rob Davies M50 40:21
42 Joe Buckman MSen 40:28
45 Caroline Brock WSen 40:54
48 Amy Earnshaw WSen 41:15
50 Gillian Allen WSen 41:51
52 Andy Sheppard M40 41:59
53 Nick Burns M40 42:01
55 Will Day M50 42:16
56 Paul Stuart M50 42:19
67 Neal Pates M50 43:15
68 Ben Heller M50 43:28
69 Nicola Rafferty W50 43:48
78 Rosa Sampson Geroski WSen 44:21
79 Phil Howson M50 44:26
80 Julie Bembridge W40 44:28
81 Richard Smith M40 44:29
83 Matt Broadhead M40 44:33
91 Chris Hodson M50 45:14
93 Fran Allen WSen 45:21
98 Clare Trevitt W40 45:55
102 Andy Green M50 46:32
121 Pippa Powell W40 48:38
131 Bob Grocutt M50 49:57
145 Jill Davies W50 53:50
149 Naomi Rabin WSen 55:03
150 Rachel Woollen W40 55:04
158 Sallyann Winslow W40 59:45
160 Matthew Winslow M40 01:02:10

Full results on the Totley AC website

Photo by Harriet Eisner – see the full set on Flikr

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