Tour of Bradwell 2019 results and report by Phil Dooley

Race date: 14 September 2019
Distance: 16 miles

A perfect day for running. Nice fresh conditions and hardly a breath of wind. This was the Half Tour of Bradwell, 16 miles round the lovely sights of Castleton and Hope valley or at least that’s what it should have been? It started out with a good hill climb to get you going, running over a really rocky patches you get to the top of the first hill to admire the fantastic views and then a down hill stretch to disaster.

Just before the start of lose hill I wasn’t looking at where I was stepping and too busy looking at what was ahead. I slipped and turned my ankle over hearing a click (ouch) this wasn’t good as I couldn’t hardly put weight on it. Thought I could walk it off but no. I got to the first marshal point and decided that was it, race over after only 4.5 miles. The marshals gave me a lift back to the start and got an ice pack straight on my ankle.

Luckily, Gayle was with me and she took me to A&E as a precaution. No break which was a relief, just badly sprained. Really gutted this happened especially with Snowdonia marathon coming up, a bit of rest and I’ll be back on it.

There was 101 that took part with only one other strider Tom Bassindale who finished 59th in 3:02:03

The winner was Steve Franklin of Totley AC who won in 2:01:20, after he finished he’d only got 55 minutes to get ready and get to his wedding

First female was Rosie Walwyn of Dark Peak in 2:26:52

It was a great race a fully enjoyable, I was told by my Friend Andy Hedison of Kimberworth Striders. Kudos to the organisers BraddaDads for the event and for looking after me

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’LL BE BACK

Full results available here:

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