Trunce #7

Race Date: 5th August

Another pleasant evening, but a little fresher than some of the previous ones which was welcome. Still yet to have any significant water or mud this year.

Noticeably quieter too with people on their holidays. 277 senior runners (compared with 522 for the first one of the season).

Tom Saville was absent so someone else could win this time, and Alan Ford of Barnsley AC duly obliged in 26.09. Speedy strider Ben Jones was a mere minute behind in fourth.

Our own Charlie Narozanska was first lady home was in 31.32, surely sealing the VF40 series prize for the second year?

For my own part, I was pleased to find my two closest rivals for the VM50 series prize absent, so it is now mine to lose…

There were some debutantes amongst the striders including Kevin Sibley (who finished annoyingly strongly) and Chris Smith. There were also sightings of some rather more inured truncers such as the Gold Star and Paul Stuart (who seemed to appear from nowhere). No less than ten striders managed PBs on this occasion. Well done all.

Striders results:

P Name Cat Time Points
4 Ben Jones M 00:27:09 19
19 Al Cook VM 00:30:03 9
21 Jim Danson VM 00:30:09 17(PB)
22 Kevin Sibley VM 00:30:29 6
25 Michael Squires VM50 00:30:47 18
28 Paul Stuart VM 00:31:04 3
29 Rob Davies VM50 00:31:08 27(PB)
32 Charlie Narozanska VF 00:31:32 20
38 Rob Betts VM50 00:31:59 25(PB)
61 Andy Woffinden VM50 00:34:32 21(PB)
77 Sam Ainscough M 00:35:51 0
79 Stuart Jones VM50 00:35:59 18(PB)
91 James Mason VM 00:36:55 10(PB)
103 Andrew Davies VM50 00:38:00 1
114 Sarah Ward VF 00:39:26 24(PB)
141 Steven Lewis VM 00:40:39 10(PB)
146 Philip Swires VM 00:41:03 10(PB)
147 Nick Hails VM 00:41:06 0
197 Chris Smith VM 00:45:26 0
217 Philippa Moorhead VF50 00:47:46 23(PB)
251 Sandie Farrow F 00:52:54 0
252 Rosie Smith F 00:53:03 0
253 Faz Farrow M 00:53:03 0

Full results :

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Don’t mess with the Wuff, en route to a big PB. (thanks to Trunce photos)

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