Trust 10 Clumber Park Results 27th January 2019

Report by Stuart Jones

Fourth Sunday of the month – 27th January 2019

There’s a couple of previous reports on the Striders’ pages, from Emma Portus last month, herself again back in 2017, and one from 2016 if you scroll back far enough.

Trail shoes are probably right, given some wet and filthy patches on the course, but it is certainly buggy-running suitable. In the summer I’d wear road shoes as the paths are wide and surfaced for the most part. No-one got charged for park entrance or parking – a great way to get a free day at Clumber for the whole family, then!

On our Facebook pages is this snippet (28th January 2019) from Jane Huws:

‘Clumber Trust 10k yesterday with fellow Striders Jessica Penberth, Judith Kelly (almost a Strider), Stuart Jones and someone whose name I didn’t know. Any others?  It was chilly but scenic, with some lovely mud.’

One of those ‘others’ was, according to the results page that does not list Club membership, John Kilcoyne.

Interesting variation on the interpretation of GDPR / Data Protection from two branches of the same organisation; Longshaw only published results with race number to identify you. Clumber has name, number and finish time (but not placing). Seeing that there is a tick box to give permission to publish on the registration form, it seems right that they do.

Would I go again? It’s a bit of a way for not very challenging – but that might be exactly the attraction for some.

Those looking to improve a 10k time should seek this out.  Oh, and the dog-friendly café is called ‘Central Bark’.

The full results are here – note it’s a Facebook page.  And here is a photo of a tree next to the car park – Clumber Park has trees you know.


First place:    Greg Hopkinson 0:36:32    (possibly of Beeston AC)

First Female: Harriet Johnson 0:40:36     (possibly of Lincoln Wellington)

Table (tbc) of Strider results:

Name Time
Stuart Jones 00.49.03
David Bownes 00:57:45
Jane Huws 01:02:24
Jessica Pemberton 01:07:42
Judith Kelly 01.07.45


Where’s the runners?

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