Whitworth Thread September 2019 report by Fran Cummins

Race date: Saturday, 14 September 2019; distance: 5km

Race report by Fran Cummins

If anyone finds themselves in Derbyshire at 9am on the 2nd Saturday of the month and fancies something a little bit more interesting than the out and back of Bakewell Parkrun, then I would thoroughly recommend the Whitworth Thread.

It is organised by Matlock AC and all the entry fees (a grand total of £2 for your first one then £1 after that) goes to a different charity each month.

It is a 3 lap course around the beautiful Whitworth Park. If you like corners, then this is the race for you…the route winds it way around the park and there are 19 corners per lap – including two u-turns! There are also some very speedy young Matlock AC runners to race against.

There were 75 runners in total this month. The fastest 5km time was Phil Leake in 19.11.

I think I was the only Strider – although only Matlock have their club listed on the results.

P Name Time
3 Fran Cummins 20:19

Full results: https://www.racetek-live.co.uk/website/archiveraces/136/public_view/


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