X Country Nationals 2019 – Results

Race Date: 23rd February 2019

After a great race at the Northerns last year, this years pinnacle of XC running, the nationals, was held at Harewood House.  While our great leader and XC organiser-extraordinaire Richard Pegg had disappeared off to experience a ‘medicane’ in Malta meaning his half marathon was unfortunately cancelled, this year’s XC had us basking in glorious, picnic-like conditions, and sporting Striders vest tans. Climate change doing its bit to ensure that X Country is not the character-building experience it ought to be.

The course itself at Harewood is brilliant – a few long drags uphill, but you are rewarded with a lovely fast down and great views over the stately home and surrounding countryside. And, of course, watching the snake of 2000 or so runners, from Olympic Champions to total novices weave along the course.

I couldn’t recommend this event more. Some might be put off by the ‘prestige’ of the nationals, but the big field means you’ll always be surrounded by other runners and supported by the crowd, even if you are not the fastest in the club! Plus, when else can you say you are the Nth best X Country runner in the whole country when people ask what you have been doing?

Massive thanks and Kudos to the 4 volunteers – Nicola Galley, Michael Wu, Joe Mallinshaw and Simeon Cotterell who travelled up at silly-o-clock to volunteer on the course.

As usual, us delicate ladies ran an 8km course, sparing ourselves it seems from the horrors of the extra hill the men had to run in the 12km course.

Emily Hosker Thornhill of Aldershot won the ladies race in 28.17 (a 3.32 minute km average!).

Striders’ Results: Ladies

Team position 29th out of 114 – well done!

Name Pos Time
Caroline Brock 117 33.30
Frances Roberts 253 36.06
Fran Cummins 257 36.11
Clare Grisdale 352 37.48
Kate Scott 533 40.56
Caroline Greenough 602 41.59
Sarah Ward 717 44.15
Naomi Rabin 872 47.58
Carol Beattie 915 49.36

The mens race was won by Mahamed Mahamed of Southampton AC in 36.34. (That’s a 3.03 minute km average, on a hilly, uneven course. In. Awe.) My money had been on Emile Cairess who won the Yorkshires and the Northerns, but watching Mahamed’s gazelle-like legs spring down the final hill gave him a firm lead.

Striders’ Results: Men

The men’s team came in in 41st place out of 74 – well done!

Name Pos Time
Ben Jones 571 45.40
Hal Roberts 669 46.33
Ronan Charlton 689 46.41
Paul Middlemas 861 48.18
Rob Pilling 942 49.02
Chris Guy 982 49.25
John Lea-Wilson 987 49.28
Tim Holt 1019 49.47
Alasdair Menmuir 1054 50.05
Malcolm Baggaley 1172 51.14
Andy Buck 1204 51.38
Simeon Cotterell 1356 53.15
Martin Greenough 1494 54.56
Stuart Jones 1674 57.53
Michael Wu 1723 58.44

Full results here

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