BHF Harewood House Half Marathon 2020 Results and Report

Race Date: Sunday 23rd February 2020

Report by Karl Patterson

On the way to Harewood,
From BHF I received a text.
Has the race been cancelled?
Should I be enraged? Vexed?
The 10k race had been delayed
By 3 hours to 1:30.
Was this bad planning by the team?
Or was the course just too dirty?
It became apparent at the venue
The on-field parking had gone awry.
We were told to park on the pavement and roads
To keep our tyres dry.
Alas, the tyres were to be
The only things dry that morning.
Advertised as a trail run
Became cross country with little warning.
Extreme conditions aside,
The event was very well run.
Marshalls and volunteers so enthusiastic!
All of them were having fun.
The course itself was wet,
Muddy and slippery. A menace.
Although I’d place most of the blame
At the damp feet of Ciara and Dennis.
A marathon training step for me.
That much effort I’d not expected to exert.
For now a chilled recovery at home
In my free race medal and t-shirt!

The race was won by Andrew Hebden in 1:26:23. First woman was unnamed in the results, but got round in 1:30:43.  The results omit club affiliations.

P Name Cat Time
46 Karl Patterson (M) SEN 1:46:16

Full results here.

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