BMAF Virtual 5k Relays

Race date: June 14th-20th

With all races cancelled due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the British Masters Road Relays couldn’t happen at Sutton Park this year. BMAF instead laid on a virtual alternative, with runners given a week to run a socially distanced 5k leg, submit their time, and provide a link to a Strava activity or similar as evidence.

Despite the motivational difficulties with running flat out on your own, the technical difficulties around recording a leg of exactly 5k, and the admin burden of the organiser checking everything was in order, the event was very successful. There were over 4000 entries, raising over £12000 for the MacMillan Nurses charity. Runners missing competition welcomed the opportunity to reconnect with club-mates and to run hard for a good reason. It made lockdown a little less isolating.

37 Striders took part, forming teams in 7 different categories. Kudos to Caroline Brock, who was our fastest runner, male or female, with a searing 17:57 around Neepsend. Also to Dot Kesterton, whose 22:59 on tired legs alongside Damflask was still worth an 89.37% age-grade, by far the highest in the club. The other Strider to break the 80% age-grade threshold for a “national class” performance was Helen Eberlin with an excellent 27:04, also out by Damflask.

The stand-out team result once again came from our W65s. Dot Kesterton, new girl Kate Waddicor, and Carol Beattie together secured the gold, er… certificates, 40 seconds clear of Winchester, with Totley in 3rd. That improved on our 2nd place from last year, and means our W65+ squad (also including Helen Eberlin) now holds the British Master Road Relays, Yorkshire Vets Road Relays, and British Masters Cross Country Relays titles. That makes the full set, a brilliant achievement.

You can find full individual and team results on the BMAF website, or club results below. The fastest leg was Paul Martelletti’s 14:41 for Victoria Park Harriers. The best age-grade was 98.67% from Leicester’s Tommy Hughes, who ran an incredible 16:11 as an M60.

See also David Bocking’s report on the W65s’ win on Medium.



Name Cat Cat Rank Time Age Grade
Caroline Brock W35 5th 17:57 82.80%
Scott Watson M40 175th 18:02 76.56%
Chris Guy M40 193rd 18:14 76.81%
Mark Gray M45 139th 18:17 79.48%
Rob Betts M50 101st 18:54 79.26%
Daniel Cubitt M35 274th 19:05 69.89%
Matthew Chappell M35 292nd 19:18 70.04%
Michael Squires M50 140th 19:34 75.97%
Darren Barnett M45 227th 19:34 72.63%
Malcolm Baggaley M35 302nd 19:37 68.91%
Russell Stevenson M45 244th 19:53 72.00%
Michael Timm M50 197th 20:34 73.40%
Lucy Broom W45 54th 20:36 76.96%
Andrew Woffindin M55 122nd 20:43 74.62%
Neil Schofield M45 282nd 20:53 70.11%
Jeni Harvey W35 77th 20:55 71.52%
Claire Grisdale W35 90th 21:16 70.34%
Adam McAuley M50 236th 21:29 68.67%
Jonathan Legon M55 147th 21:31 72.42%
David Maloney M50 259th 22:05 67.83%
Tim Holt M40 374th 22:20 62.26%
Sarah Moore W35 132nd 22:35 65.82%
Jacqui Herring W45 132nd 22:44 70.41%
Kate Scott W55 41st 22:56 77.08%
Dorothy Kesterton W65 4th 22:59 89.37%
Jennie Stevens W45 148th 23:08 67.92%
Lucy Woodward W40 143rd 23:15 65.63%
Mandy Taylor W55 54th 23:29 75.27%
Peter Brown M60 98th 23:30 67.95%
Laura Fletcher W35 157th 23:34 63.48%
Nicola Rafferty W55 83rd 23:45 75.30%
Stephanie Street W60 111th 24:47 77.64%
Kate Waddicor W65 17th 25:59 75.98%
Loz Harvey M45 365th 26:02 54.59%
Carol Beattie W65 19th 26:24 75.76%
Christine Booth W45 231st 26:43 58.81%
Helen Eberlin W70 4th 27:04 81.39%


Cat Pos Time Ave Leg Team
M35+ 65th/81 1:56:36 19:26 Scott Watson (18:02)
Chris Guy (18:14)
Daniel Cubitt (19:05)
Matthew Chappell (19:18)
Malcolm Baggaley (19:37)
Tim Holt (22:20)
M45+ 58th/115 1:16:19 19:05 Mark Gray (18:17)
Rob Betts (18:54)
Darren Barnett (19:34)
Michael Squires (19:34)
M45+ 86th/115 1:22:49 20:42 Russell Stevenson (19:53)
Michael Timm (20:34)
Neil Schofield (20:53)
Adam McAuley (21:29)
M55+ 52nd/74 1:05:44 21:55 Andrew Woffindin (20:43)
Jonathan Legon (21:31)
Peter Brown (23:30)
W35+ 20th/87 1:22:43 20:41 Caroline Brock (17:57)
Jeni Harvey (20:55)
Claire Grisdale (21:16)
Sarah Moore (22:35)
W45+ 40th/105 1:06:28 22:09 Lucy Broom (20:36)
Jacqui Herring (22:44)
Jennie Stevens (23:08)
W55+ 14th/46 1:10:10 23:23 Kate Scott (22:56)
Mandy Taylor (23:29)
Nicola Rafferty (23:45)
W65+ 1st/10 1:15:22 25:07 Dorothy Kesterton (22:59)
Kate Waddicor (25:59)
Carol Beattie (26:24)
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