Haweswater half marathon result and report by Steve Haake

Race Date: Sunday 1st March 2020

There were four green Steel City Striders buffs on display at the Haweswater Half Marathon: Nick Burns, Ian Stinson, Steve Haake and Richard Pegg.  About 10 miles south of Penrith, the race describes itself as being a “hilly course that offers an exhilarating run in unique surroundings.”  When it says ‘hilly’ rather than ‘undulating’ you know you’re in trouble – individual Strava traces gave it anything between 286 and 452 metres of elevation. It was certainly exhilarating: a 20 mph head wind battered you most of the way out, leaving you light-headed on the way back.  The scenery was fantastic: snowy tops, Haweswater brim full with foamy waves cascading down its dam wall in a direct copy of our very own Derwent dam.

The organisation was fantastic as were the marshals (Syd Burns – father of the less famous Nick – was his usual ebullient self!).  No medals or t-shirts: instead, a commemorative mug filled with an unending stream of tea or coffee followed by a piece of flapjack.  A fantastic event, all for a miserly £17.60.  Get your 2021 application in now!

The race was won by James Douglas of Border Harriers in 1.10.01. The women’s race was won by Aisling Wall of Horsforth Harriers in 1.26.08

Pos Name Cat Time
72 Nick Burns MV 50 1.35.18
124 Ian Stinson MV 40 1.43.03
148 Steve Haake MV 50 1.45.27
150 Richard Pegg MV 60 1.45.44

Full Results: here

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