Langsett Loop 2020 Results and Report

Report By: Abigail Hickinbottom

Race date: Sunday 12th January 2020

Langsett Loop is a number of trail races over 6 different distances (5,10,15 or 20 miles, marathon or ultra). All distances are based on a 5 mile loop around Langsett reservoir. The day didn’t get off to a very good start. A number of runners driving to the race on the windy roads near Bradfield (including me) got stuck behind some unfortunate driver of a truck, who had been pulling a large trailer loaded with machinery and who had become wedged in a corner on a particularly narrow section of road. We negotiated our way past him, leaving him and his truck wedged. On arrival at Langsett Barn it was freezing cold, blustery and lashing it down with rain. The race organisers then informed us that someone had removed all signage from the course the night before. However, the signage was re-instated and the race commenced as planned. In fact the weather improved to such an extent that there was even a rainbow to be seen at the end of the race. The route can best be summarised as: a bit of hills; a bit of flat; a bit of road; a bit of rubble; and loads and loads of mud. On a couple of occasions I was submerged to mid-calf in the mud and was slightly concerned I might lose a Saucony trail shoe or two in the gloop. I did eventually finish the 10 mile race both shoes still on my feet. I only hope some more charitable passers-by assisted the truck driver in finding a way out of his predicament.

Congratulations to done Abigail, who didn’t mention that she was first lady in the 10 miler, and to Wei Chen who was second in the 20 mile race!

Well done also to Lucy Cowell (5 miles) and Cara Hanson (10 miles), the other Striders who braved the conditions.

Link to full results here.

Striders Results plus first Man and first woman (Striders in bold).

5 mile (97 runners)

Pos Name Time
1 Owen Steer 0:32:22
6 Sally Kirby 0:41:51
82 Lucy Cowell 1:11:31


10 mile (71 runners)

Pos Name Time
1 Nathan Hart 1:16:45
11 Abigail Hickinbottom 1:29:51
27 Cara Hanson 1:44:46


15 Mile (61 runners)

Pos Name Time
1 George Clayton 1:56:04
7 Olivia Barlow 2:14:43


20 Mile (32 runners)

Pos Name Time
1 James Hartley (Hallamshire Harriers) 2:37:18
2 Wei Chen 2:47:46
9 Lucy Dockerty 3:10:17


Marathon (41 runners)

Pos Name Time
1 Chris Green 3:46:53
9 Rachel Loveridge 4:38:46


Ultra (18 runners)

Pos Name Time
1 Simon Bones (Barnsley Harriers) 4:17:29
16 Michelle ? 5:45:44





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