Long Distance Strider 2019 – Results

All the race results have been collated, and the results are in for the 2019 Long Distance Strider competition.

Our winners are Sarah Storey (449.35 miles) and Nick Burns (496.36 miles). Congratulations both!

Runners-up in the women’s competition are Fran Cummins (second place with 330.36 miles) and Jennie Stevens (third place, 302.32 miles).

In the men’s competition the runners-up are Stuart Jones (second place, 469.1 miles) and Mark Platton (third place 365.42 miles).

Congratulations for an heroic effort to all mentioned, but also to everyone who contributed to a fantastic year of racing.

Download the full standings spreadsheet here: Long Distance Strider 2019 – Final Standings

Some 2019 statistics:

  • Throughout the year 684 Striders raced 5,519 separate times, for a combined total of 48,419 miles (8,293 miles more than 2018)
  • The top three most popular events were the Sheffield Half Marathon (240 Striders), the Percy Pud 10K (222), and the Round Sheffield Run (186)
  • 202 races featured just a single Strider
  • The average (mean) race distance was 8.77 miles
  • The most raced distance was 10K (29.9% of the raced efforts over the year were at a distance of 10K – a total of 1,651 race efforts)
  • The raciest Striders (most events completed) were Stuart Jones (66 races) and Sarah Alcard (38 races)
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