SCS Divisional Road Race Championship 2020 Update 1 of 12

The first blast of the ref’s whistle, the ceremonial first pitch, the first spreadsheet; they all share the same mixed emotion of excitement and hope for the season ahead, that will no doubt be doused with a cold shower of reality at some point (such is the life of a Preston fan..). However, despite the less than pleasant weather on Sunday, the spirits of the travelling band of Striders were not dampened, as they descended (or should that be ascended?!) on Huddersfield 10K for the first race of this year’s Road Race Championship. With a pretty tough course on offer, as well as challenging conditions, it soon became clear that some were still feeling effects of a very festive break since the end of least season. There were more than a few utterances of foul language between gasping breaths as the hills took the toll. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience of course.

The Premiership  could very well be a very tasty affair again, as last season’s runner up Joe not only took 20 points, but also was the first runner home overall. He wasn’t the only Strider to have a good day at the office as Liam Walker finished 2nd overall, a slim 13 seconds behind Joe. It looks like Phil (not present on the day due to post-Brexit Dronfield border control issues), will have a real challenge on his hands to repeat last year’s success. Elsewhere, the Cooper twins Jonathan & Phil, managed to avoid doing barrel rolls down the slippy descents to score solidly on their first efforts, while the trio of the newly promoted Dave, Jordan and Ade also gave a good account of themselves.

Name Points Time
Joe Sweetnam-Powell 20 0:34:32
Liam Walker 19 0:34:45
Philip Cooper 18 0:37:50
Jonathan Cooper 17 0:39:33
Jordan Moat 16 0:41:03
David Forrest 15 0:41:28
Adrian Fisher 14 0:43:08

In Division 2 Rob Betts justified my decision to multiply promote him as an act of mercy for other runners, finishing not far behind Chris Bannister and Todd Thornback to pick up 18 points. If his improvement trajectory this  year matches last… watch out Division 2. Yours truly, once again showed his natural affinity and love for climbing hills by narrowly avoiding decorating Lucy Broom’s new Vaporflys with a psychedelic yawn at the finishing line.

Name Points Time
Chris Bannister 20 0:40:21
Todd Thornback 19 0:41:15
Rob Betts 18 0:41:32
Nick Scarlett 17 0:41:57
Alex Green 16 0:45:22
Lucy Broom 15 0:45:26
Michael Slater 14 0:46:09

Darren Barnett finished slightly more than a hair’s breadth ahead of Warren Brown in Division 3, with not much separating the chasing pack either, suggesting the division could be a multi-way scrap this season.

Name Points Time
Darren Barnett 20 0:42:38
Warren Brown 19 0:43:05
Tom Briddock 18 0:43:42
Pierre McCarthy 17 0:44:07
Benjamin Sanderson 16 0:45:12
Paddy Treehowes 15 0:45:15
Nick Burns 14 0:47:17

Gareth Hague translated his performances on the pitch to the road, taking 20 points in Division 4, after managing to hold off Kevin Firth. Crowd favourite Al Dalton had a great run on his debut in Division 4 to to pick 17 points, while a surprisingly taciturn Stuart Jones (saving his breath for the hills?) also banked early points.

Name Points Time
Gareth Hague 20 0:44:13
Kevin Firth 19 0:44:59
Robin Nelson 18 0:45:21
Alan Dalton 17 0:45:47
Jeni Harvey 16 0:46:13
Regan Hanson 15 0:46:45
Stuart Jones 14 0:47:03
Seth Kirby 13 0:50:12

Division 5 also looks like it could be a tight contest with Luke Prest sneaking in ahead of Keith Bell and Maz Kazcmarczyk Kajagoogoo Kaczmarczyk. The rest of a bumper turn out for the division were not far behind, and with plenty of runners no doubt improving as the season pans out, this could be the division to watch:

Name Points Time
Luke Prest 20 0:45:43
Keith Bell 19 0:45:56
Maz Kaczmarczyk 18 0:45:59
Gemma Wallace 17 0:46:11
Sarah Allcard 16 0:46:12
David Bocking 15 0:46:40
Matt Broadhead 14 0:48:12
Andrew Woffindin 13 0:48:20
Chris Walker 12 0:48:49
Chris Hodson 11 0:49:38
Joseph Lee 10 0:49:58
Tracey Davies 9 0:50:05
Sarah Koriba 8 0:51:04

Harriet Davis showed she’s inherited her father’s hill climbing ability (and sandbagging?!), if not his propensity for falling down them, as she finished 3 minutes clear of Caitlin Robertson who was closely followed by Gemma Thorpe and Stephen Slater.

Name Points Time
Harriet Davies 20 0:46:16
Caitlin Robertson 19 0:49:59
Stephen Slater 18 0:50:20
Gemma Thorpe 17 0:50:30

In Division 7 Izzy Carter got a bit whizzy to bring home 20 points from West Yorkshire, with Mark Davies behind splitting the Sheffield Half pacing dream team of Nicola Ross and Richard Pegg to pick up 17 points.

Name Points Time
Isabelle Carter 20 0:48:47
Nick Hails 19 0:49:56
Nicola Ross 18 0:50:26
Mark Davies 17 0:51:11
Richard Pegg 16 0:52:10
Sam Keen 15 0:52:45
Mike Heselton 14 0:54:02
Sarah Ward 13 0:54:33
Loz Harvey 12 0:55:09
Stuart Shepherd 11 0:55:27

Pre-season favourite Charlotte Civico lived up to the tag on day, sweeping home to take maximum points ahead of Steven Lewis who must also be pretty pleased with his performance. It was good too, to see Steven Millar after a series of long term injuries that derailed his season last year.

Name Points Time
Charlotte Civico 20 0:51:28
Steven Lewis 19 0:51:58
Ryan Talley 18 0:53:00
Nada Ross 17 0:54:10
Richard Shore 16 0:54:57
Dave Rooney 15 0:56:23
Steven Millar 14 0:56:50
Kevin Wong 13 0:58:27
Helen Eberlin 12 0:58:50
Simon Gleadhall 11 1:01:24

Division 9 saw John Liddle directing proceedings as he came home first ahead of Muhammed Khan. It was pleasing too to see Graham Hague back in the Green & Gold after injury issues.

Name Points Time
John Liddle 20 0:50:22
Muhammed Khan 19 0:52:13
Christopher Smith 18 0:52:23
Graham Hague 17 0:55:29
Ian Spencer 16 0:56:17
Michelle Vermeulen 15 0:59:33
Adrian Good 14 1:04:44
Zoe Dickinson 13 1:05:28
Chloe Bolton 12 1:06:35

Luke Hilton had a handle on things, as he held off Gill Turton to finish first in Division 10. Elsewhere Jane Wilson may have rebelled against the hills but still picked up a very useful 15 points.

Name Points Time
Luke Hilton 20 0:56:01
Gill Turton 19 0:57:41
Richard Slater 18 1:02:41
Nicole Nield 17 1:04:48
Christine Booth 16 1:04:52
Jane Wilson 15 1:06:10
Rachel Rea 14 1:06:22

Finally, but by no means least, in Division 11 Maggie Vickers gunned it to take the 20 points. Slightly behind her was Megan Ohri, one of the hot tips for the division, while Sara, Sally and Gill also had a good showing.

Name Points Time
Maggie Vickers 20 1:04:04
Megan Ohri 19 1:05:59
Sara Copp 18 1:06:51
Sally Lee 17 1:06:52
Gillian Pearson 16 1:13:09

Full standings can be found here.

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