SCS DRRC Fantasy 2020 Update Round 1 of 12

The start of the 2020 Divisional Road Race Championship also heralded the start of the companion fantasy competition, which gives members a chance to take part in the competition in a slightly more lighthearted way. Entrants pick one runner from each division, with scoring mirrored to the runner’s points in the RRC itself.

The healthy turnout at Huddersfield offered up plenty up points for the fantasy managers, and my deep dive analysis of every runner’s Strava data obviously paid off as not only did all my runners turn out, but all scored decently as well. Perhaps the biggest masterstroke was recognising that having lost a few yards over the winter hibernation period that being a runner/manager just wasn’t going to work, plumping instead for superstar Rob Betts.

Elsewhere, Davies of the Year finalist 2019 Tracey Davies, opened up strongly and her charges currently sit 5th. Stuart Jones seems to have seen an improvement in performance since rescinding his tucked in vest selection policy, while one of the early leaders from last year, the ever popular Clive Downing has also started well. Last year’s winner Ade Fisher currently sits mid-table.

Current Standings:

Pos Name Team Name Points
1 Alex Green Between the Sheets 205
2 Dave Rooney Striders XI 142
3 Paddy Treehowes Barnstoneworth Bandits 130
4 Helen Royles-Jones And we’ll never be Royles 122
5 Tracey Davies Witchy Strider 115
6 Al Cook The best of what’s left 112
6 Maz Kaczmarczyk Gemmill v Netherlands again 112
8 Joe Lee Carr Lane Black Toe Nail 111
9 Julia Waldron Norfolk ‘n’ Chance 110
10 Liam Turner The Overtakers 109
11 Clive Downing Downings strollers 2020 108
12 Caitlin Robertson Robbo’s Runners 107
13 Stuart Jones Brownian Motion 104
14 Benjamin Sanderson Run Rabit Run 102
14 Seth Kirby Kirby’s Dreamland 102
16 Mark Davies OneShorts Wanderers 97
17 Cath Ager Shut up legs! 96
18 Simon Gleadhall Chromered Racers 95
19 Andy Davies Goldstar’s Goldstars 91
19 Ben Elmore The Joggernauts 91
19 Izzy Carter You’re a runner, Harry 91
22 Scott Liddle Liddle’s Legends 90
22 Ade Fisher Still waiting for Last Year’s Medal 90
24 Cara Hanson Butter my Bread 89
24 Marcus Dearns Marcus’ Magnificents 89
26 Matt Barton Runchers+ 84
26 Joe Sinnott Kicking Assets and Taking Names 84
28 Alan Dalton The Daltonators 83
29 Stuart Carrack F*****r winners of absolutely f**k all \m/ 81
29 Andrew Woffindin Owlgetya 81
31 Maggie Vickers Vick’s Babes 79
32 James Norton Cobnar ‘Athletic’ RC 78
33 Ady Good The Good The Bad and The Ugly 76
34 Rachel Avocado on toast 73
34 Steven Lewis Pompey’s Winners 73
36 Sam Keen Premature Acceleration 72
37 Sarah Ward Athletico Fiasco 71
37 Dave Adams 404 Team Name not found 71
39 Jo Gleig Roy’s Ravers 67
39 Regan Hanson Just Chilling 67
41 Andy Pembroke Some people who run 65
42 Adam Newell Can anyone recommend a Sports watch? 64
43 Rebecca Robson Steel city winners 63
44 Rob Betts Betty’s Beauties 61
45 Andy Lock Elbow Sharpeners 60
46 Sandie Ireland Adopted Burgon 58
47 Tom Briddock Real Shitty Striders 56
48 Mandy Delaney A Good Day to Try Hard 51
49 Nat Smith Wadsley Wanderers 34

Full standings here.

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